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‘She was avid for information.’

The title of this post might seem a little bit weird to you and I have to admit that it is. It does not really say what this blog is about and that may just be my reason to pick that title. I hope that it awakens your interest to read the rest of my blog.
Today, I am writing a post on the daily one-word prompt ‘avid’. This ”daily prompt’ is held by The Daily Post.
You get a one-word daily prompt and you simply write a post about it.
So today I thought: “Make it so!” (Does anyone here know Captain Picard from Star trek? I love that show. Let me know if you do and also when you would like me to make a post about star trek sometime) and here I am writing a post about the word ‘avid’.

At first, I did not really know what it meant so I looked it up in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary and within seconds I got its definition, origin and pronunciation.
It said that ‘avid’ means: ‘Having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something.’ So, I can say that I am and avid writer of blogs since I started a few days back.
Now, I can hear you think: ‘but, why did she pick that title then?.’ Well, when I read today’s one-word daily prompt I got curious as to what the word meant and I was very avid  for information. I got avid for information on what the word meant and how the daily prompts challenge works.
Furthermore, the word origins from the mid 18th century: from French avide or Latin avidus, from avere ‘crave’. And for the readers who know phonology this is the way it is pronounced:
Well, I hope you learned something out of this and I hope that it broadened your vocabulary. I certainly liked putting some of my thoughts about today’s daily prompt down for you guys.

Have you ever written a daily prompts post? Post a link down below in the comments, I am happy to read them and see what you guys write about. I might learn something from it!
What did you think of this post? Let me know down below (Hey, that rhymes) so I can write about other subjects if you did not like this one, or write more blogs like this if you liked it.

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Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it.

Have a nice day and lots of love,



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