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#30DayBlogChallengeNL #2

Today I decided to do the second question of the #30DayBlogChallengeNL hosted by Hare Maristeit.

If you want to read the first one ‘my name’ and see the rest of the challenge click on this link.
The second question/point says: ‘My favourite quote’.
Well, I had to think very hard on this one since I have a lot of quotes which I think of as my favourite.
So I decided to make a #TopQuote5 for you.

Make it so!

1 ”It’s okay” – by myself, SweetHandlettering

”A-yo, 힘이 들 땐 ; 둥타닥 rhythm에 기대어, oh ;널 향한 우리의 노래로, oh; 모두 a-yo, 모두a-yo” (Translation: A-yo, when it’s tough; Doong tah dak, Lean on the rhythm, oh; With our song for you) Ayo – SHINee

3 ” When life gives you lemons, Make lemonade. Life will be all like WHAAAT?!” – Phil Dunphy (-> from Modern family. Do any of you know Modern Family? I love this show to bits! Let me know down below)

4 ”난 할 수 있어” (Translation: I can do it) One dream – BoA

5 ” Only when you love her you can let her go” Let her go – Passenger (I also mentioned this song in This  post)

I know, there is Korean in there and you cannot read/understand Korean. Well, I am not able to understand Korean aswell. I am able to read and write Korean however.
As you might not know I am a big fan of Kpop, which is an abbreviation of ‘Korean pop music’. I started listening to kpop in my first year of high school. The first group I got to know was SHINee. It is a boyband made up out of five boys: Lee Jinki (a.k.a. ‘Onew’, the leader), Choi Minho (the lead rapper), Kim Jonghyun (Lead singer), Lee Taemin (lead dancer) and my favourite (or as they call is ‘bias’) Kim Kibum (a.k.a. Key, visual). They have had a huge influence on me and I definitely grew to like them even more over the past years. I will post all of the songs down below. Though, I must admit that these songs are fairly old kpop songs. I will also post a more recent song I really like beneath them.

Have you got a favourite quote?
Let me know! Maybe I will handletter them and post them on my Instagram account!
Which kind of music are you a fan of and do you have a favourite band? Let me know in the comments, maybe I will like them aswell!

Every credit for the challenge goes to Hare Maristeit!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of love,


SHINee – Ayo (this is a live version I really like!)

BoA – One dream

This song is also by SHINee but this one is more recent. It is from 2015 and it is called ‘Your number’. Please note their dancing. To my opinion they are one of the best dance groups out there.

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