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My big, pink, princessy Paul Frank

Day three of the #30dayBlogChallengeNL hosted by Hare Maristeit is about ”what is in my bag/purse?”.
Usually I carry a big backpack around because when I go to university I have to take my laptop with me, together with several books, my diary, bullet journal and pencil-case.

translated hare maristeit

My backpack is from Paul Frank so it has a monkey on it. It is the pink one and the monkey is a princess. I have had this bag since I was 13 but my stepbrother at that time said it looked stupid so I hid it away because I was afraid of being laughed at, despite liking it A LOT myself.
When I started university this year I got it out, thought ”well screw you all” and now I proudly wear it around uni. And hey, everyone likes my bag. So, hah stepbro. It is not stupid, it is cool.

Now, what is in it?
As I said above: my laptop, books, my diary and bullet journal and my pencil-case.
Usually there are also some cookies and candies somewhere inside it and also some ‘period/lady stuff’. I also need to eat so sometimes I take some yogurt with me (but I usually just buy something to eat at school) and also a bottle with something to drink. My wallet and phone charger are also in my bag.

When I go out I usually have a tote bag and then I just take some ”lady stuff” along with me and my wallet.

Short one today but yeah, I can’t imagine things which are not in my bag. I could but nah.
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Hope you like it!

Lots of Love,



2 thoughts on “My big, pink, princessy Paul Frank

  1. Got to have the lady stuff, haha. I didn’t carry a purse for the longest time but now I do and I can’t imagine how I didn’t before. My essentials are usually my wallet, my tablet, glasses cleaning cloth, some pens, hand sanitizer and lotion.

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