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”and the winner is…”

”Welcome back to The Voice of Holland! the second part of the finale is about to start. So, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the music!”

Number four says: TV show I would like to participate in.
Well, I’ve always wanted to participate in a show like The Voice of Holland, Idols or The x-factor. Not because I think I can sing very well or because I have some special talent to show but because I am really curious about how it works behind the scenes. Are the presenters as nice off-screen as they are onscreen? Will someone re-dress you when they think that your clothing is not suitable enough? How do the pre-selections work?

translated hare maristeit

I would really like to know how it feels to be up on one of those stages just to know how it feels. Would I be nervous or would I be the embodiment of the word ”relaxed”?
There is only one thing I can do to find out and that is to participate in one of those shows. But then again, I can’t sing and I do not have any special talent to show so I know for sure I would not get selected.
Not that I mind though, I’ve got enough other things that I am good at, just not something to show on a stage.
If you’re curious as to what I do in my spare time you can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’ , Twitter, Facebook and of course my blog.

This challenge is hosted by Hare Maristeit and it is originally in Dutch, so I translated it. You can find the original challenge here. (I’m terribly sorry, my international followers. But unfortunately she is a Dutch blogger)

Have some of you perhaps been on a TV-show or tried to get on one? Let me know!

That was it for this post! Have a nice day.

Lots of love,


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