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‘Sweet dreams are made of this’

”Pursue your dreams!” is a sentence you must have heard earlier.
My opinion is that we should all pursue our dreams, we should pursue the things that make us happy, this can be anything. As long as is it your dream.

At this moment, I do not really know what my dream is. I guess the dream I am pursuing at this moment is trying to be me and let no one try to take that from me, let no one tell me who I should be or how I should behave. One of the most important aspects of this, for me, is not letting anyone tell me how I can an can’t dress. The way I dress is such a big part of my personality.
I like to wear long, vintage dresses which I buy at my favourite website: topvintage.nl (They are THE best! I will write a blog about them very soon because their story is very interesting. Oh, and don’t worry. You can set the language to English on the site if you don’t speak Dutch). People also always tell me that they really like the way I dress because of the bright colours. Yeah, that is true: My wardrobe almost has no completely black clothes. I own 2 pairs of black jeans and 1 black, long-sleeved top and one black shirt. That’s it. The rest is full of colour.

I also really like to wear loads of makeup. Not because I don’t dare to walk around without it, I just like painting my face. I just like being creative and doing my make-up is also being creative. Kinda… right?

What kind of dreams are you pursuing? Are they dreams like getting a certain job or like me, trying to be yourself at all costs?
Let me know! I am curious… Also because I don’t have a clue what to do in the future so maybe some of you will inspire me.
How do you dress? Do you like to wear loads of dresses and skirts like I do or do you prefer jeans? Let me know.. or better: Show me!

By the way, do you know to which song I referred in the title?
If you don’t, it is this one:

This was my entry for the one-word prompt (by The Daily Post) for today. Hope you liked it!
Thanks so much for reading!!

Lots of love,



5 thoughts on “‘Sweet dreams are made of this’

  1. I have many dreams. Unfortunately, a lot of them require more money, haha. I’m still trying to make the best of what I want though within my means. I am not a dress person unless it’s required. My comfy clothes are usually sweatpants and tank tops. I have a huge drawer of tank tops of varying colors, stripes and dots! I used to like jeans a lot but not so much because I wear them to work all the time so now I’m starting to hate them but I still prefer them over dressy pants. It’s weird haha.

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  2. I immediately started singing this song when I saw your title! Also, I am definitely a jeans and t-shirts kinda girl but during the day I’m more often found in scrubs (I got some really comfy ones though with pants that have a waist like yoga pants, and I realize being excited about scrubs is ridiculous)!

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