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What about that huh?
The Daily post prepares one-word prompts every day for us bloggers of WordPress. Today’s word is Maze and I instantly thought: ”that’s a-MAZE-ing”. And yes I laughed at my own pun, even though it is a horrible one. I know.

You probably all remember that I wrote This post about the word temporary.
Afterwards I got a lot of messages asking me if I was okay and I answered them all with the truth, which was that I am not. Or rather: was not.
My friends told me that I am important that they were worried about me. They told me that I am not alone. That made me so happy that I ended my day crying out of happiness because I felt less lonely and I finally began to feel as if people DO like me and DO care about me. The feeling is not completely gone but it made a great deal that my friends reached out to me and told me that I matter. It made me feel less lonely. I felt accepted and that is a-MAZE-ing.

But, ”amazing” is not today’s one word prompt!
I know, I know, hakuna your tattas. I know.
But this was the first thing that popped into my head and that is what I do when blogging: write about the weird things  in my head, like I told you before in This post.

Though this is about the word ”maze” because to get rid of the depressed thoughts and anxious thoughts, and the feeling of being alone and temporary, I have to get out of that maze of thought. I have to fight my way though, I have to keep on going or I’ll never be able to find my way out of this wicked maze. Because in my world of thoughts it is just like a maze. Sometimes you get so deep into the feelings and thoughts you have that you have no idea how to stop, no idea how to escape from your own mind. How to get out of the maze.
That is what I am doing:
Trying to get out of my maze.

And just that, ”trying to get out of my maze” is a-MAZE-ing. Because hell, it is a fight to keep going every. Single. Damn. Day.
Having friends who ask you if you’re fine because they’re worried and having loving parents to help you is a-MAZE-ing. Because that is what gets me through depressed days every time.

Dear mum, dear dad, dear friends: you are a-MAZE-ing.
Thank you!

Loads of love,



P.s.: I have an idea, I am going to post a song I like and think that fits with my post below every post and tell you why I chose the song. Would you like that or not?
Let me know!
I chose ”Gaston” from the Beauty and the Beast because of Lefou. He is such a loyal friend to Gaston and I feel very grateful for everyone who cares about me and reached out to me after that post. Thank you all my Lefou’s!


5 thoughts on “a-MAZE-ing

  1. I like your song idea! I think it would pair great with your content and drawings which by the way, today’s drawing is quite amazing! 🙂 Great song choice as well. That whole soundtrack in general is magical. I’m rooting for you to fight out of your maze to a better place!

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    1. Thank you for replying so quick! Happy that you like the idea. I really, really like music so I wanted to share some of it to maybe inspire some of you or show you music you never would have though of to listen to. Thank you for rooting for me! Have a nice day/evening (Depending on where you are in the world. Over here it is 8:42 PM/20:42)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You as well! It’s only 2:43PM for me. I’m pretty into the WordPress world especially people I follow. I think its nice for you to know that someone is actually reading through your posts and listening. 🙂

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  2. so glad you are feeling better … find your own tools for getting out of that negative downward spiral, or fighting thru the maze … distraction helps lots eg doing something you enjoy, drawing, writing, talking to friends, etc Anything that cuts across that constant harmful chatter. Well done you!

    Liked by 1 person

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