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Everybody goes through lights and shadows!

It is an exiting time over here because my sister is taking her finals, I am soon taking my own final exams and then I hope to have gathered enough credits to be able to stay at my university, my dad and stepmom are entering the final two months before they are going to marry and it’s just a few weeks before the summer holiday begins.

When I looked at today’s one-word prompt by The Daily Press, I saw all kinds of sad posts about final endings and I thought: But, some things which are in their final state are exciting and not sad at all! So, that is why I thought to think about the word in a happy way and write about exciting stuff.

My younger sister started her finals last Wednesday and that is pretty special!
I wish her all the good luck in the world and I am sure she will make it because she is a very smart girl. 🙂 (hi poedels! good luck! (yes my nickname for her is ”poedels/poodles”)

In three weeks I will be taking my final exams of this year and I hope to gather enough points so I will be allowed to stay at my current university. Right now, I’ve got 25/60 point. To pass this year, I will need at least 45/60 points. So I need to work very hard and pass at least four courses (every course I take is worth 5 credits.)

My dad and stepmom are getting married this summer so they are entering the final months before their big day. I am very excited about it and I am really looking forward to it! (hi dad! hi stepmom!)

And how can I forget: tonight are the finals of the Eurovision Songcontest! O’G3NE represents us and I am very proud. Their song is very beautiful because they wrote it for their mother who is very ill. They said that it is not about their mother, but for their mother because they wanted the song to be for everyone and they wanted everyone to give their own meaning to the song, they wanted to give everyone a piece of strength. The ”O” stands for their mother’s blood type, the ”gene” for their father’s genes and the ”3” is there because they are three sisters: Lisa (20), Amy and Shelley (19, they are twins).

In a few weeks the summer holiday will begin and I am very excited because we will travel to Luxembourg. Last year, I also spent a week there together with my (ex-)boyfriend. I loved it so much over there that I definitely want to show it to my mother. Before I went there the first time, I hated any form of walking. But ever since my boyfriend took me on a 11 Km hike there, I’ve been sold. The nature over there is so magnificent and it felt so soothing to walk amidst those huge, old trees which protected us from the rain. I just HAD to go back (and I will). The people are kind, the food is nice, the nature is breathtaking.  (shout out to my ex, who is also kind of my best friend: thank you for taking me on that hike. Even though you tricked me into it by telling me it would take only an hour or two with breaks. We ended up walking for 6 hours and I loved it! So no hard feelings, it makes such a great story hahahaha, thank you so much for showing me something new!)

Lots of love,



”The music corner!”
Of course today’s song has to be O’G3NE’s ”lights and shadows”. Everyone who is able to vote tonight: Vote for the Netherlands!  These girls are amazing and they deserve to win for sure.
(shameless promoting Sorry! I am just very proud of them! 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Everybody goes through lights and shadows!

  1. Congrats to your parents on their impending nuptials! Good luck on your finals and I hope your music group wins. They have such a unique name and they sing very well!

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  2. ha ha I like that … we write about death so you chose life … see we have do choices about our attitudes/moods every single moment!
    Sounds like your step-Mum is very welcomed into your family which is nice … good luck with all the upcoming finals

    Liked by 1 person

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