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We got a kind of weird word for today’s one-word prompt. ”Qualm”
I did not really know what it meant so I called in the help of google translate and it told me that in Dutch it means ”Rook”.
Learned something new today!

It made me think of something that happened on our campus a few weeks ago.
We had a seminar and at some point I looked out of the window and saw a big, grayish, black qualm coming from the other side of campus. News travels fast among students and a few moments later everyone knew that the top of one of the buildings was on fire.

Now, our class was supposed to have a next class in that particular building.
We hoped that the lecture which was planned for us would be cancelled and we would have the rest of the day off. In our happy demeanor we walked (almost skipped) towards the building because we were 90% sure the lecture would be cancelled.

When we arrived at the building, which is called the Spinoza building, there were firemen walking around and a fair amount of students were standing outside. So we got more excited because we were SURE that we would be sent home.

Unfortunately for us, we weren’t. Only the top of the building had been on fire and the firemen already  did their job. The fire was over and the building was clear again, there was no smoke whatsoever in the building so it was safe.
Which meant that we just had to attend our lecture. Kind of cranky we sat there listening to our teacher.

Now of course I am aware of the fact that I am very luck to receive education at a university, and I am very grateful to be here. It is just, I am not good at syntax AT ALL. So I hoped that I would not have to attend that lecture and leave the campus relaxed that day, instead of the usual stress I feel after this lecture.
As a matter of fact, I am writing this during the syntax lecture because I have no clue whatsoever what the teacher is saying. I tried for a lot of times but I simply cannot understand it.
I am rereading the whole theory in the book we got and I am trying my best to understand it all. If any of you have any tips regarding studying grammar or syntax please let me know because every little bit of help is welcome!

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback is always very welcome.
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Lots of love,


The song I want to share today is the Eurovision Songcontest winner.
I think that this is the best song of the whole contest. It is so filled with emotion and yet to gentle and humble that it made me cry the first time I heard it. Just because I thought it is so beautiful.


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