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To be honest, I do not really have inspiration on today’s one-word prompt. (precipice)

I could write about how life has hills and precipices but nah. That is something which a lot of us already write about and I do not have anything to say about it really.

So, I asked four of my classmates what they though the word meant. (I did not tell them the meaning of the word).
The first one thought that it sounded like adjective which is not very nice. ”it sounds like something you would call someone who is pretentious and not very nice.”
She shrugged.
The second one thought that it is more like ”preparation or something. It sounds like a nouny-thing”
The last one I asked though that it sounds like a misshaped pinetree…or a Pavlova pie.

In fact, in Dutch it means ”Afgrond”.
When I told them the third said: ”see! pinetree, precipice. It matches! I was almost right”.
The second one said: ”huh really?”
And the third one was busy writing her book, so she did not really hear me. But that is okay because she is awesome because well, she is writing a book! And she allows me to kind of proofread it, which I think is very special. (don’t worry I will tell her )

Shout out to my friends Aafke, Eva-Britt and Beau! Thank you for participating!
Thank you all for reading this short brainfart!

Lots of love,



The song is not a very happy song. Yesterday was kind of a hard day for me and I still feel shaky and anxious.
My mum showed me this song and I listen to it every time I feel like giving up. Thank you mum!


7 thoughts on “Brainfart

    1. yeah, i thought well lets just type the dutch words because that is what I search for when trying to find out the meaning of some words. most of the time I know the words but sometimes I have never heard of them.


  1. It’s great that we all learn new words – this one I knew but I have to admit to being stumped by a few! Lovely song and a nice connection to have with your Mum… funny to hear different ideas in what possible definition might be! 😃🐻

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  2. ik ben verbaasd: Heb ik een dochter die zo leuk en met diepgang kan schrijven? boh..
    Yesterday is gone.. only today.. this time.. this moment is happening.
    I am very honored to have you as my daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

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