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Our blue, little lovebird

”The blue lovebird descended from the sky, landing in the garden of a very welcoming family.”

It was 11 am when my father walked out into our garden.
We’ve got a very nice garden with all kinds of flowers and fruits. There is an apple tree as well as a cherry tree, tomatoes, raspberries and a big load of strawberries. A part of the garden is tiled and a part of it is covered with grass. There is also a little playhouse for my two little sisters.
But now back to my father. He walked out into the garden to go and see if the weather was nice and it was! Lots of sun and a very pleasant little breeze.
All of a sudden he ran back inside all excited, saying: ”I saw a lovebird! I saw a lovebird!”
Now, I live in The Netherlands so the lovebird would not survive on its own. Thus it was very obvious that it escaped from its cage in someone else’s house.

A few years back, my father also caught a random zebra finch flying outside. They do not survive on their own either so that is why my dad caught him. We did not see anybody looking for the little fella so we kept him. We bought another one to keep him company. Sad thing: my stepmother accidentally opened the backdoor and the zebra finch we caught flew out the window and we never saw him again. Then there was one left so we bought a third one. A few days later, the oldest just dropped dead. We think he suffocated but we are not very sure about that. So, we were left with one zebra finch who seemed to do fine on his own. We let him fly around the living room every day and I love out little bird.

Now, back to the story. My dad quickly put on his shoes and rushed outside. My two little sisters and I climbed inside the playhouse to look over the fence (one is three years old and the other one is seven years old. I’ve got another sister who is 16 years old but she was not at home). We held our breaths as my dad cautiously walked towards the little blue lovebird. He reached out and the bird did not seem too scared. He waited for a minute or so and when the bird turned its head to the other side he caught him.
He brought him inside and put him in our birdcage together with the zebra finch.
The tiny zebra finch was all happy to meet his new bird friend and he happily jumped from place to place makeing happy chirpy noises. The two immedeately bonded and now, a few hours later, they seem like they really like being in each other’s compoany. They sometimes even cuddle up a little bit.

We left them alone for a few hours and they’re quiet and they seem happy to have each other’s company. The blue bird doesn’t seem scared of us and he already ate, drank and cleaned his feathers and such.

The zebra finch is called ”Uki” which is a character from a childrens’ programm and the new lovebird is called ”kafmees” which came from ”mafkees” which means ”silly person”.
So, yeah that was my little adventure today!

Do you have any pets? Let me know! Maybe even post a picture, I would like to see them.

(Oh, no one was looking for the little fellower and if there would be someone who would ask about him we would of course give him back.)

Lots of love,


I chose this song because I think it is a pretty song and I can play it on the piano. Don’t know how well I can sing but that is something only my family knows. The bird-theme I’ve got going on today made me think of the singer who named herself ‘Birdy’.

P.S.: the drawing is not mine. I found it on google but I don’t know whose it is.


6 thoughts on “Our blue, little lovebird

  1. No now stop beig so modest you that drws the birds and that it is a video of you siging the song :). Beautiful song
    Regarding you: beautiful lettering, beautiful writing style, beautiful face of Limburg
    Bedankt voor het gevolg

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry I do realize that butwith your lettering skills I am suregou will be able to draw like that. Both of us write in our second language. Half my posts are in Afrikaans (with its Dutch influence).
        Thanks for the compliment of following me.

        Liked by 1 person

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