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Once upon a time

With the one-word prompt The Daily Post gave us today, I could go on and on about how first impressions matter and about how you should give a person a chance even though you do not like their first impression. I could, but I won’t. Even though I do think that you should look further than first impressions.

What I’d rather talk about is what a typical day in my life looks like. Because that is what my blog is about! Giving you something fun, light and easy to read. I am not here because I always want to give you food for thought, sometimes I simply write posts to make you relax a bit because of the light content of my blog.

Okay, so well usually I get up between 7 AM and 9 AM, depending on what time I have to be in class. I get up, make some coffee and put my phone in the charger. I never charge my phone over night because I get all anxious about the chance of the battery catching fire in my sleep or something. Next I pick something to wear that day because… YO, a girl needs clothes right?! Can’t go outside naked. That is not my style.
After I dress myself I usually put on some makeup. Not every day, just when I feel like it. To me, make-up is not something I use to hide behind. It is more just another form of expressing myself in an artful way, because that is how I view make-up: as art. Believe me, it is! I grab my laptop, laptop charger, books and more stuff I need in class and after that is done I always hope to have some time left for breakfast, when I don’t I simply pack my food and have breakfast in class (yes, we are allowed to eat if you do not leave a huge mess or annoy others with your eating). After that it’s a short bike ride to the university where I meet with my friends. Usually when there is a break between classes we sit down in the Refter, which is a sort of restaurant on campus, and we eat stuff and drink LOADS of coffee (read this post for more coffee related stuff!).
When class is done for the day, I go home to my own little student accommodation where I live with one other girl. I finish homework or study until it is dinnertime and after that I usually do some tidying in my room and after that: studying again.
When it is around 10 PM or 11 PM I go to bed.

That is kind of what my standard day looks like.
I hope I give you a fun, short impression about myself and I hope you enjoyed it.

There is one more thing. Like I said in This post, I am competing in a competition in which I can eventually win a modelling contract. I wanted to ask if you would be so kind to vote for me by liking this picture on Chapeau’s Facebook page. If you’re not picked by the jury, the one with the most likes will still be entered in the competition and I REALLY want to compete.
Thank you so much in advance!

Lots of love,


~music corner~
Lately, I’ve been listening to this song non stop. Over and Over. I used to do salsa-dancing with my (ex-)boyfriend and this makes me relive all the good feelings and memories we made while dancing. I love it so much and gosh, I miss it.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time

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