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The girl in the mirror

Buff. That is today’s one-word prompt and to be honest, this is one of the words in English which sound rather nasty to me.
Whenever I hear this word I somehow think of guys pumping up their muscles and let me tell you: I hate guys who have big muscles.
Yes, a few muscles are nice because I do not love chubby either but I do prefer someone without a sixpack. It just makes me feel more comfortable being around someone who does not have one. I do not think I would be able to relax if my future boyfriend (if I will ever find one that is) would have a sixpack because well, it would make me feel fat and ugly compared to them.

Okay, enough negativity today.
Remember the modelling competition I talked about? Well, I did not have enough likes to be the crowd’s favourite. BUT!!!! The jury picked me!
So I do get to compete in the finale this Saturday! How amazing is that huh?!
It feels so amazing to be picked by the jury because well, then it does not come down to how many friends like your picture, but to if the jury thinks you have potential.
This already feels like winning to me.  To anyone who voted for me: thank you so much!

Of course I hope to win this thing. Not for the modelling contract, well also a little bit because of that , but mostly because I want to show that an ordinary girl like me who does not look like a skinny, victoria’s secret runway model, can be a model. I’m not staying that I’m fat, not at all. But my legs are wobbly, I have a few blemishes on my face, my teeth are not blindingly white and my butt is more like Nicky Minaj’s than like Doutzen Kroes’ bootay. I just want to show girls like me, who think that they’re not perfect because they do not look like a victoria’s secret model, that they are perfect the way they are and that they can do anything they work for. They can dress the way they like and be who they want to be. Show off your curves because girl, men (and women!) love curves. Most men out there enjoy those lovehandles you got, they enjoy seeing you gobble down a bag of chips and they love those luscious curves. Believe me.  Even now, after breaking up, my (ex-) boyfriend tells me to not let my weight get under 50 KG. He always told me that he loved my curves and that he was lucky to have a girl who looked like me.
I’m sure that even if I would ask him about it now, he would still say that he thinks I’m perfect the way I am. And that makes me feel powerful.

It makes me feel like I am beautiful the way I am.

Be who you want to be and let nobody bring you down.

Lots of love,


~music corner~
This song helps me on days that I feel fat and ugly.
I remind myself that everyone thinks I am pretty and that even thought the demon inside my head tells me not to eat I can eat the donut. Because life is too short not to eat the donut. Nobody’s gonna break my stride and nobody’s gonna slow me down!


5 thoughts on “The girl in the mirror

  1. WOW a song from my youth it amazing and you too and keep on impressing those judges. Gongratulations! You am am azing like you am (replace you with I and read it)


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