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The traces we humans leave behind

You know, in many ways a human being can leave a trace behind. There are good things to talk about when saying this and also some less good things.
Of course we all know something about the history of our own country, we know a little about the history of our earth and to make it small again we also know about the traces friends and family left behind.

When reading the word ‘trace’ I instantly thought of the decision president Trump made today. To me, it sounds like he says: ”well world f*ck you and your environment we’ll screw you all because covfefe”. (If you do not know that last word, look at his tweets. He tweeted that word in a weird sentence.) I simply do not understand that human being. How can you not see what we as human beings are doing to this world? How can you not see all the damage we are doing? How in the F*cking world can you not see that?! Did you get too much fake tan in your eyes or something huh?
As you can read, I am NOT a fan of that man. Yes, he is doing as he says he would but is he doing good with that? I do not think so.
He is screwing a lot of good American citizens with his laws and now he is screwing the rest of the world too with his stupid laws and actions.
He should be impeached because he is damaging the world but more importantly, his own nation. He is destroying every good thing Obama did and it is NOT giving him a good image.
Okay I could rage about him all night long but that is not going to help. I’m not an American citizen so I cannot make a difference, can I? (or can I? I can make my own choices regarding the environment, and so can you!)
I just hope that not everyone in America, which is one of the country’s which contributes the most to damaging out environment, denies the environmental problems we have got.
I hope more and more people will start to live eco-friendly and start to raise awareness because WAKE UP CALL: you cannot eat money and you cannot buy oxygen.

Please people, be aware of what you do and try to do little bits for our planet earth. Every little bit helps, I’m sure. And if you do not want to do it all for yourself, do it for your grandchildren’s grandchildren. They want to live like we do too.

What I actually wanted to talk about before I went raging about that…man…was something I encountered today.
As I was walking through the city of Nijmegen (which is the city where I study), I noticed small, metal, round things on the ground about the size of the opening of a cup.
When I read what was engraved on them it said: ”brandgrens bombardement 22-2-1994 Nijmegen”.

”Fireborder bombing of Nijmegen 22 Feb 1944”. (Hopefully I translated that correctly) and all of the plates shows the border of up till where the bombing destroyed everything.
And on every plate was a name.
Every name is a person who died in that bombing.
I fell quiet for a moment.
I realised that when the bombing took place, my grandmother was a little girl. And she and her family lived at Nijmegen.
They survived.
But so many did not.
All of a sudden, I felt a deep respect for all of the people who died for (my ) freedom. I felt a deep respect for all those who fought so I can be who I want to be today.
I felt a deep respect for my great grandmother and her family who had to live through that bombing. I feel blessed to be here.

And then, when you come home and you read about what that Trump did next, you feel so angry and so powerless. Because HOW in the world can we let such an unkind, selfish, female unfriendly, homophobic, unaware man rule such an important country? HOW?! Why is nobody stopping him even though we know that what he is doing is wrong?
Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not saying that everything he does is wrong. Just the things he did towards the LGBT+ community , females ( ”Grab em by the pussy”.Dude…wtf) , and now the environment ,are so wrong in my opinion.

To my opinion, these two subjects are very important when you talk about traces we humans have left behind, and are leaving behind.
Do not let a man like Trump destroy this earth even more. Do not let people like that destroy this earth, this place our ancestors fought for.
We do not have to give up fighting for eco-friendly living. We can talk about it like I am doing now, and keep on trying to make a change. He does not dictate what we have to do, we can still decide for ourselves which choices we make.
I know we can!

Pfew. Kind of a heavy talk today huh?
I just had to get this off my chest. I would like to know your opinion about all this..
Would you perhaps like me to make a post about how you can do things eco-friendly?
Let me know down below.

Lots of Love,


~music corner~
John Mayer’s ”Waiting on the world to change” is a good song for this post.
It’s about how the system doesn’t allow us commoners to make any real change and about how unfair things can be. So we ”keep on waiting for the world to change.”
But here is the message I want to give you: Don’t wait for the Change. BE the Change.


3 thoughts on “The traces we humans leave behind

  1. While I agree that Trump is a bigoted, narcissist, who is out of touch with reality I will tell you what I tell many other people:
    1. The president only holds as much power as congress and the senate allows him to, in the states. The 2018 Senate elections will be critical to Trump’s ability to enforce what he wants.
    2. Trump signs executive orders like kids buy two cent candies at the corner store, and honestly they have about the same amount of weight. Executive orders only indicate an intent to investigate whether or not the thing the president wants to do is possible, and following that the normal procession of paperwork and legislation must be worked through to make that thing happen. (The travel ban that was instituted early in Trump’s term was only able to be put to such immediate order due to a new interpretation of an old section of an existing law, a loophole which will not exist for things such as a border wall.)
    3. The US is no longer “the leader of the free world” and frankly hasn’t been for a while.The only thing they have lead in years if not decades is the pursuit of laziness, the record number of obese citizens (they are 11th in percentage of the population that is obese but first in sheer numbers apparently), and the dubious ability to create some of the stupidest events/incidents known to recent history. No one is following their example as some shining beacon of hope, I would argue most countries are watching them so they don’t make the same mistakes.
    I think your point on eco-friendliness stands, but worrying that Trump may have significantly changed the worlds environment… let me put it this way–I don’t imagine Trump will be remembered for anything that important in twenty-five years.

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  2. Hey I dont really know about the politics but yeah the part where we need to be more respectful about our nature is extremely important. Kudos to the effort you made. I feel u must write smething which could make people realise what they are missing on by destroying environment bcoz ppl these days jus realise profit and loss!

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