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Nailpolish, youtube and a model

Nail polish.. looking polished… polishing a car… polishing a floor… polishing.

Sounds all very positive, right?
The words above are what I thought when I read the one-word prompt the Daily Post posted today.
The thing is, though, that I have no clue what to talk about. I could tell you about my favourite nail polish or when I feel like I look polished.. but that is all very boring isn’t it.
(btw, my fav nail polish is everything with holographic glitter in it)

Oh! My favourite youtuber started off as a nail art channel but now she does all kinds of crazy funny things. Maybe you’ve heard of her because she is the one who started the ”100 coats” challenge: Simply Nailogical.
I absolutely love her! She always makes me smile big time and I think I’ve seen every video she made up until now. Go check her out!
I haven’t been wearing nail polish lately because I pick the skin near my thumbs due to my anxiety. Yes,I know, not a good habit but it is better than cutting up my arm right? So I do not make a real effort to suppress it because it might cause the anxiety to build up inside. When I know that I’ve got something like a photoshoot or an important day coming up I simply wrap my fingers in band-aids so I cannot pick the skin, but I feel way more anxious when I do that so I prefer to just do it actually. At least, until I have found something else to get the anxiety out of my body.
If you know the problem and have a solution please, please, please tell me. It could make a huge difference!

BY THE WAY! I’ve got such exciting news!!!!
Remember that I had that modelling contest last Saturday?! (read it Here and Here) Well, I ended up in the first six! I did not end up first place but ended up in the first six which means that I will still be pictured in the September edition of the magazine Chapeau!
I’m so happy. Words cannot really express what this means to me.
I kind of have been struggling with a slight eating disorder for quite some years and I have never had any confidence about myself.
This really boosts my confidence and I am starting to see why people think that I’m a pretty girl. I am starting to develop what you could call confidence and that is something I have never really had.
This really helps me see that I should not starve myself, but rather eat healthy and go to the gym. It makes me see that I am worthy of my place in society and that I do not look hideous.

For anyone who is interested, here is the aftermovie of last Saturday’s contest:

Well, seems like I got something to write about after all!
I just went with the flow like I usually do. I don’t really think about what I write beforehand. Usually I just look at the one-word prompt and words just flow right out of my fingertips!

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Thank you so much for reading ❤

Lots of Love,


~music corner~
While writing this, this song by Passenger came on to the radio and I stopped writing and sang the whole song! Hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

P.S Here is a picture from the contest! (I’m the one 5th from the left… So I’m wearing a denim skirt with a black and white striped sweater, the winner is the girl next to me with the black hat)
gezicht-van-limburg-finale-33 (1)


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