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WOAH! (we’re going to ibiza)

Woah!(We’re going to Ibiza!)

But not really! I just thought of that sentence.. Do not really know why.
It has been such a long time since I last wrote something for you guys!
Hopefully you are all in good health and happy.
I most certainly am! Last time I wrote something very sad and yeah sometimes that happens.
Sometimes every piece of me crumbles down and then I do not want to exist any more.
But the trick is not to fight it. The trick is to accept it and say hello to that feeling.
It is okay to not be okay.
I know that when I accept the way I feel and work with it instead of against it, I will feel a lot better a lot quicker. It is kind of hard to realize that sometimes but sooner or later I always do.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help me get back up on my feet again.
One is writing a post on here, which you probably all know.
Another is drawing. I do all sorts of drawing: handlettering, doodling and I like to draw figures from the anime series Black Butler.
I use a little, bright green notebook for this which I always buy at the same store in my hometown once I’ve filled another one up.
They have different colours and all different sizes. Mine is A5 size and is, as I said before, bright green. I have been using these notebooks for quite a few years now and I absolutely love the kind of paper they have.

I have not been active a lot lately because I’m in the middle of my last exams for this schoolyear and they determine whether I am allowed to continue studying at the school I currently enjoy going to. They are very important.
Sorry for this radio silence and I PROMISE to write more often once the summer holidays start!

Lots of Love,


~music corner~
During the exam I took today, this song was stuck in my head on a loop. I thought I was going crazy!  But anyway, I like the song a lot 🙂


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