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모두 A-yo 모두 A-yo! (everyone A-yo!)

Is has been such a long time. Sorry for the long radio-silence!
My schedule was so packed with all kinds of things I had to do that I was unable to write anything.
For the past four to six weeks I have been busy studying and taking resits.
I had to pass a certain amount of exams to be allowed to continue studying at my current study. Down here in the Netherlands you have to earn 45 credits in your first year to be allowed to continue with your current study. If you do not earn those 45 credits, you have to quit and leave your study. Because I wanted to earn those 45 credits, I had to give it my all and this is the main reason why I have been quiet for so long. I simply needed the time to study, study, and even more study.
But! I made it! I earned the 45 credits I needed and I am allowed to stay.

At the moment, I study English Language and Culture and I really enjoy it.
However, I also really want to learn Korean.
Now, you might ask yourself why. Well, ever since I was 14 years old I have been a major Kpop fan. A friend of mine showed me the song ‘Sherlock’ by a group called SHINee and ever since that moment I have been hooked. (more like: obsessed)
I love their music a lot and I love all five members equally. They all have their own qualities and they are just a goofy group of five young men. They all add their own flavour and personality to SHINee, like adding capers or extra cheese to your pizza.
But only one can be my ultimate favourite (or ‘bias’ as it is called in the Kpop world) and his name is Key. His real name is Kim KiBum, Key is just his stage name. I will write some more about Kpop, SHINee, Korean, why I like South Korea so much and the G-Dragon concert in another post if you like. Let me know down below!

So yeah, I have to decide whether I want to continue studying English Language and Culture and take some extra classes in Korean in my free time, or switch to Korean entirely.

That’s it for now!
Again, sorry for the long radio silence!
I didn’t mean to, I just had to set some priorities and luckily it wasn’t useless because I earned my credits! All of the hard work was worth it.
So yeah, I can say that I am proud of myself and I feel happy for a change! It has been a while since I have been able to say that. After a long struggle I think I am finally regaining myself and finally learning to enjoy life. Yeah, sure I still feel depressed and I still have generalized anxiety but I learned to deal with it. I taught myself not to fight AGAINST it, but accept is and work WITH it. I let myself feel bad for a few moments because I know that allowing yourself to feel that way and acknowledging that you’re not okay, makes it easier. It makes it easier because you stop fighting and you work on it. Fighting is harder and more tiring than working on it.
But most of all: I allow myself to do the things I like and do them for myself. Not for anyone else.

See you soon loves and have a nice day! Hopefully I was able to transfer some of my happiness onto you today.

Lots of love,


~music corner~
SHINee’s Ayo is my favourite song in the whole wide world and particularly this live version. I even downloaded this particular stage onto my phone so I can watch it anywhere, anytime. This video has helped me cheer up in very, very sad times. It has gotten me out of so many severe panic attacks I lost count.
I hope you enjoy their energy, happiness and silliness as much as I do.
The first singer is JongHyun, the next one is Onew, The third is TaeMin, MinHo is fourth and the last one is Key. (Key is my bias 🙂 )


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