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Summer has arrived!

Finally, it’s summer break down here in the Netherlands!
I can relax at last and let go of the stress I’ve felt in the past six weeks and I think I deserve some me-time. We’re very lucky because it is sunny at the moment and we usually do not have this much sunny weather so I’m savoring it.

I’ve already done some very fun things in the past few days. I’ve started running and I started to catch up with my Korean. I study Korean by listening to audio files made by Talk to me in Korean. They are very funny and they teach you things which come in handy in daily conversation. After the five lessons I’ve already listened to I learned how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, I’m sorry, it’s me and a few other things.
I started to run outside and I’ve been doing this for four days already. Since I have not done any exercise in my exam weeks I desperately need to get rid of the extra weight I gained from eating junk food.

My best friend also came to visit me in Nijmegen just before I went back to my mother’s house for summer break. I live in a student accommodation and and she wanted to stay over to see what my room is like. We went shopping and had very nice dinner together with some of my other friends.
We had such a wonderful time!

Yesterday, I went to Maastricht with my younger sister. I had to find a nice dress for my father’s and step-mother’s wedding which is in approximately two weeks. Luckily, I found a very nice red, kind of fifties style dress with dark blue sparrows on it and matching blue high-heeled shoes. I am very excited and I cannot wait!
We had a very nice day in Maastricht and we laughed a lot. That is not so difficult because I am a very clumsy, bumbly person. Occasionally, I simply walk into poles.. or trees… or I stumble over flat surfaces.. or I drop things out of the blue. This always makes very funny scenarios because my sister is not like that at all!
It was a very fun day and hopefully we will do something like this again soon.

The next thing I wanted to tell you about is about food. I love food so much.
I am a huge sugar addict and I am trying to get rid of that addiction. So, I bought a nice cooking book full of healthy recipes, including healthy snacks.
Moments ago, I baked some crackers. I was not able to contain myself and already tasted one before they cooled down, which caused my tongue to get burned. But they are so delicious! Very crispy and most importantly: No added sugar so they won’t fuel my sugary addiction.
I also made some chocolate, quinoa bars. They also have dried fruits and nuts in them. I made them with very dark chocolate so the sugar level is also very low. Plus, dark chocolate is very good for your skin. It’s also not extra added sugar, so it’s okay to eat them.

Well… This was kind of all I have to talk about today. Nothing busy or exciting really.
If you would like the recipe, send me an email and I will email it to you, or leave a message down below and I will make sure to include it in my next post.
(you can also find my email address on the right side of my page)

I hope you have a very nice day.
Thank you for reading!

Lots of love,


~music corner~
This is one of SHINee’s latest songs and I’m trying to learn the choreography. It’s difficult, but not as difficult as the choreography from their song Lucifer.


4 thoughts on “Summer has arrived!

    1. I don’t know about that but I believe you! We have LOADS of bikes. We used bikes to go everywhere. I use it with good and bad weather. Any time! Its cheap because you don’t have to pay for gas… Good for the environment and also good for your health because its exercise! I love cycling. Its really a second nature to just grab my bike and go anywhere. I’ve been brought up with my bike hahah

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