Help is out there

A few weeks ago, Betterhelp approached me and asked me if they could do a guest post on my blog. Since I love the work they do and am absolutely pro-spreading mental health awareness I immediately said yes. If this post helps just one person than it has already been worth it.

If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. It is not weak to ask for help in any way! If anything, admitting you need help is a very brave thing to do! It is a sign that you’ve had enough of the demons inside of your head.

I think Betterhelp provides useful tips which help you make a start on getting mentally healthy.
Take a look below on the awesome article they wrote!

As ever: thank you for reading and thank you Betterhelp for reaching out to me!


When You Need to Talk to Someone and Nobody Is There

For those of us with a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we know that sometimes you just need someone to talk to and sometimes there is nobody there. Literally. Nobody. Sure, you may have hundreds or even thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook friends but many of them are not really your friends. Even the ones who are sometimes just do not have time to talk. This usually happens when I need to talk to someone the most. How about you? So, what can you do then?

Write in Your Journal

If you have had this issue before, you probably already have a journal. If not, maybe it is time to start one. Journaling is now a very popular way to deal with your emotions and vent when you need. Remember when you were a kid and you wrote in your diary? It feels good to get those feelings out and sometimes seeing them on paper can help you more than anything else. It also helps you track your feelings so that you can go back and see if there is a pattern of when you start feeling down or anxious. This will help you see what triggers certain feelings and then maybe you can figure out a way to avoid those triggers. Here are some journaling tips:

  • Write each day if you can
  • Keep it handy
  • Write whatever you want
  • Do not worry about penmanship, grammar, or spelling
  • Keep it private or share it, whatever you want
  • Go back and read what you wrote at least once a month

Write a Blog

Rather than writing in a journal, you may want to write a blog. To do this, you need a website or a Facebook page, Google page, etc. Writing your feelings online can make you feel just as good as writing in a journal because people can comment back and give you advice. However, be prepared for people who do not have anything nice to say. There are always people who have something bad to say. Just ignore them and move on.

How About Online Therapy?

What about online therapy? Is it for real? How do I know which online therapists are worth it? Well, you have to do a bit of homework and read some reviews and all that jazz. There are ways to verify someone’s license too by looking them up through the state that they are registered in. They need to be registered in the state that you live in. Here is a link to a psychology licensing board for each state that can help you. Or you can use a reputable reference site like that has over 1,500 licensed therapists and counselors available on one site. They are available 24 hours a day so you do not have to wait for an appointment and you can see them from the comfort of your own home. So, you do have someone to talk to.




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