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Oh My G-Dragon

Uwaa I am sorry!
I totally forgot to write an article last Wednesday! That is why I am making it up to you today and writing something.
do have a good reason why I did not have time to write something earlier!
My schedule was so packed with activities that I barely had time to breathe.

Last Tuesday was literally the best day of my life until now.
I went to my very first concert and it was from none other than the most popular Kpop Superstar G-Dragon. He came to Amsterdam and I still cannot believe I have seen a concert of the most famous kpop artist in the kpop world. I cried. No literally, I cried multiple times that day. Best. Day. Ever.
Funny story… I cried because I had to pee so badly it started to hurt. No really, the line was so long and we had already been waiting for an hour and it hurt so much the tears just started to come down my cheeks. No way of stopping them. But I went up to the security people and they let me inside (luckily! I think I would have made an official complaint if they hadn’t… or peed my pants in front of them).

Yes, I know a lot of you are going to want to make the comment: ” but you cannot understand Korean, how is the music fun when you cannot understand the lyrics or your idols?”
Yes. I actually can understand some Korean and I learn more every day and for lyrics you just use google, every song is translated. As for watching youtube video’s where they talk: LOADS of them have english subtitles so problem solved.
Oh, I can read and write Korean so that problem is solved too.
And lastly, music unites people. Whatever the language may be.

Okay enough of the ” defending my music ” 🙂

It all started when we got upgraded. They moved us to the seated spots at the main floor because that was not sold out…so we basically sat almost front row, right in the middle of the row in stead of at the right top corner of the arena. This was a 100 euro upgrade so it already started off awesome (which is an understatement hahaha). We had paid 65 euro’s for our tickets and the seats we were upgraded to were 170. Sooo yeah we were flabbergasted.

The concert started and oh my G-Dragon (see what I did there?) he is so short! and his feet are so big! and he is SO HANDSOME! Okay fangirl time over, let me tell you why this was so incredible.

G-dragon’s real name is Kwon Jiyong and G-to-the-D and Jiyong are two different persons in one body. This sounds really vague and weird but trust me, this is true. When he was singing and performing we saw G-Dragon. When he showed us a pre-recorded video  in a sort of intermezzo and when he spoke to us on stage we saw Kwon Jiyong.
In the video he basically stood there in a bedazzled red bathrobe, afraid of taking it off (that’s what he said)and feeling insecure. In the video he was unsure of what to say, he was afraid we would not understand the message. But we did.
In his speech, he basically repeated what he said in the video. He felt confused about who he really was, he felt lonely, he felt sad. He wanted us to ‘meet’ Kwon Jiyong and he hoped that we would accept him as his true self too.
Of course we do! The whole audience started to shout ”KWON JI YONG!” repeatedly and he was so moved that he started crying.
After that, G-dragon returned and finished the performance. But he looked happier. Relieved almost that the message he wanted to give to us came out the way he wanted to and that we understood what he meant.

The message that it is okay to not feel okay, that it is okay to feel like shit because everyone does once in a while. Some for a longer while than others. And even though his life seems like a perfect one, he feels like crap too sometimes, he feels lonely too.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call an incredible artist.
I think it takes a whole lot of courage to basically admit that you’re depressed in front of a packed arena. It takes courage to admit that to the world, basically, since he is on a world tour showing this to everyone. And still, his performance was immaculate. The show was awesome, the crowd felt relaxed, the music was good and in the end, everyone felt happy. Even Kwon Jiyong.

I respect him a lot now. He made me feel less lonely in the way that I feel and the next time I feel like absolute crap, I will think of this moment and think of what he said and how he made me feel and hopefully I will feel a little bit better. No, I know I will feel a little bit better.

If you do not really get what I typed.. then watch the video of the speech 🙂
Then you’ll (hopefully) know what I mean.
Also, applause to his English. He is a native Korean speaker (obviously)and damn his English is so good!

To make a long story short:
Amazing artist.
Handsome man.
Picture perfect performance.
Awesome show.
Big feet.
Huge heart!

Thank you so much Kwon Jiyong!
And thank you so much for reading again! Don’t forget to check out my social media pages. It would make someone (me) really happy if you would follow me on instagram 🙂

Lots of sarang (which means love in Korean)


~music corner~
Ah of course I have to put my favourite G-Dragon song over here!
This is actually from the concert. This is not my video though but someone else’s.


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