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Eat Your Kimchi!

DUN DUN DUN noooo I forgot to write something last Wednesday, again!
Waaah sorry!

It is Friday and that means: WEEEKEEEEND!
Or at least for the people who do not have to work at the weekends.

I have to work, but my work is fun. I teach substitute classes to students who need some extra help. Mostly I teach English since that is my best subject… I mean I study English language and culture. (which is the best choice I ever made).
Because I like spreading my knowledge and helping others, I decided to become a substitute teacher!
Plus it is not like a whole day worth of work, it usually is just an hour or two and you get paid fairly well.
And I can spend the money on things like CD’s or save up for something bigger. It is not like I desperately need the money, I just like to work for the things like CD’s. Plus it gives me experience.

I have been watching a lot of Eat Your Kimchi Video’s lately and maaaan they’re genius. I love, love, love Simon and Martina.
In 2014 or something, I got to meet them and maaaan they’re sooo adorable and so friendly and nice!
I love their channel because they provide all kinds of video’s about South Korea (where they lived for a fair amount of years) and also about Japan (where they live now).
Martina made a video on how to make dakbalgi, which is a korean dish and I am going to make it tomorrow! So excited!

Well, I have to start studying now.
Nah I am going to watch an EatYourKimchi video first… or two…or a whole bunch.

Lots of love,


~music corner~
More like a video corner this time because I wanted to show you EYK!


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