I’ll be there for yooouuu!

Good day everyone!
This morning I woke up happy for a change.
I slept well, I slept enough and I did not have any exhausting and confusing dreams. I picked out a pretty dress to wear today and made myself some breakfast and a coffee.
Sounds like a pretty good start right?

This morning might not be good for everyone and that is okay. Sometimes you just have to have a bad day, a bad month or even a year. (I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU WHEN THE RAIN STARTS TO FALL!!!.. Yes I can hear everyone singing along..brought a smile to your face didn’t it?) Okay back to the serious stuff.
The thing I wanted to say  by writing about my morning is that even if you have a depression or an anxiety disorder or whatever mental issue, good days are part of it too.
Not every day is miserable. Not every day sucks.
I think that the people who have any mental issue know this but the people around us do not. They simply think: ” oh but you have a good morning/day! So you’re getting better aren’t you?”
Yeah, whenever the good days get more frequent you could say that I am ”getting better”. But having a depression or an anxiety disorder is not always a temporary thing, which is it not in my case. It will be something that will always be part of me. And that is okay. I accepted it and I am just finding more and more ways each day to deal with my bad days.
Having more good days does not always suggest progress. Sometimes there is just a period in which you have more happy days than sad ones. And this doesn’t just go for me.

So please, whenever you have a bad day, know that there is sunshine behind the clouds. ”The  best view comes after the hardest climb”Be proud of where you got yourself because no one other than you got you there. You’re brave and you can do it. Even if the only thing you did today was getting out of bed and wlak to the couch. That might have taken a lot of energy but hey you did it! Celebrate small victories, they count too and might feel even bigger than big victories.

And another please to the people around us: Don’t think that we are getting ”better” because we have more good days because maybe the mental issue we are dealing with is something that will never go away. I am not saying that you cannot applaud someone for having more good days or give them compliments on how well they are doing but I just notice that people who do not know what a mental issue is like just assume that it is always something you can get rid of. Now, I am not angry or anything. I just really want to raise awareness about these kind of issues because I feel like mental health issues are often just kind of shoved under a thick blankets while it can be a real legitimate illness even though it does not show on the outside.

Quite a message. Quite an opinion.
Do you have any experiences with mental health yourself? Or maybe someone in your neighborhood? Let me know if you want to! Sharing experiences and opinions is important.

Thank you for reading today!

Lots of Love,


~music corner~



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