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Meditation monk

Finally! I did it. Getting up at Wednesday and write an article like I told myself to do and this time I have plenty to write about!

Some time ago, someone commented something in the line of: You’re articles are not as good as they were.
That kind of made me think. Yeah maybe they are different from the articles I wrote a year ago. But then again, I am a different person than I was almost a year ago. I think my trademark did change a little bit, but so did I and hey, I cannot satisfy everyone all the time can I?

One of the things that changed is that I am learning more and more about how to deal with my never-stopping-mind and finding the right way for me on how to do that.
So, yesterday I had a really great experience. I went to a workshop about learning how to deal with stress and time-management. They had invited a monk from Thailand to speak to us and he was so inspiring. He told us about his life before he became a monk and why he became a monk. Intentionally he had planned to be a monk for only a month or two and learn how to incorporate more calmness into his life. At the moment, he has been a monk for over ten years. The monk was so incredibly kind and he radiated peacefulness and calmness. I enjoyed listening to him a lot. It made me feel peaceful myself! He also learned us how to meditate and I can honestly say that it was one of the most calming experiences I ever had.
I will definitely incorporate meditation into my daily life. Yeah, it will take me a while to learn and make time for it every day and learn how to just focus on meditating instead of my other thoughts. But just like monk John said: No pain, no gain. You have to practice and make time in order to learn how to meditate.
He also taught us a mantra, which sounded so incredibly calmly. It was really awesome and it inspired me a lot.

He told us that your daily life is like a glass of water, and every thought and experience puts a little drop of ink into that water resulting in the water getting a little bit murky. Like your mind. So in order to clear the water and thus your mind, you have to sit down and let the ink settle so the water gets clear again. And that is exactly what you do when you sit down to meditate.

He also gave us the advice to make our bed every morning. Because if you make your bed you start your day with an accomplishment which results in you doing more and accomplishing more of your tasks that day. And if your day turns out bad you always come home to a made bed which makes you feel nice. The second advice he gave us was that if a task you have to do takes less than two minutes: just do it. If washing the cup you just used takes less than two minutes: just do it. Don’t procrastinate it. After a while you’ll see that you’ll postpone less and less bigger tasks too and just do them right away.

All in all, I learned a lot from the monk and from the workshop. They have a free course available for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate. Peacerevolution is the organisation behind this workshop and they are a non-profit organisation. I really fell in love with them so I will drop the website down below for you to take a look and maybe sign up.
Here it is:

I hope you have a nice day!

Lots of Love,


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4 thoughts on “Meditation monk

  1. Hey medel.
    Wat een mooie ervaring met die monik.. en dank je wel dat je zijn tips deelt.
    Idd bed opmaken.. tich ff opruimen.. we gaan het doen.
    Liefs mam

    Liked by 1 person

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