Hey there, Sherlock!

It’s Wednesday.
That means: Article time!
I try to post one every Wednesday. Not just because I want to talk about certain topics regularly, but also just to improve my writing and my English.
It’s helping quite a bit!

Well, a few days ago my favourite singer Kim Jonghyun committed suicide.
I still can’t really believe it, but it’s slowly seeping through.
I just hope he is in a good place where he is freed from all the boundaries and loneliness.
Like one fan said on tumblr: ”You know how angels play the harp right? Well heaven has one angel that plays the friggin’ kazu now!”
And that’s exactly how I picture Jonghyun up there: Having the time of his life with his kazu, his guitar and Kibum’s grandmother.
The image at the top is fan art someone on Instagram made. Initially, we all used a white image because black was too sad. Jonghyun wanted freedom. Black doesn’t suit freedom so we chose white. Then someone came up with the rose to bring some colour into the mourning and to make the image as unique as Jonghyun was! Red was his favourite colour and that’s why she chose the rose. I think it’s beautiful.
Now, let’s remember his life, not his death.

Okay enough sad things now. Jonghyun wouldn’t want his fans to be sad. He would want us to put on music, work hard and make sure we pave the road for better mental-health-care.

I have found a new spot to study! The university’s library. It is quiet, warm, the light is nice and they have really nice coffee and tea.
A few days ago I had to leave my room because they are rebuilding the whole kitchen so there was too much noise to properly study, and that’s how I found out about the university’s library! Of course I always knew it was there, but I had never thought of studying here. Well I must say that I love it! Best move I have made in a long time.
I think a lot of students can relate to this feeling, since the library is always crowded with studying students. I love it here. So peaceful and quiet.
It also kind of forces me to study and do the things I have to do since I only bring have study material with me and I can easily put my phone in my bag as well as my laptop. Which is nice!

It’s really important that you do the things that feel best for you.
For me it is studying in the library, for someone else it’s studying at home.
For me it is talking about Jonghyun’s suicide countless of times, for someone else it’s keeping quiet about it.
For me it’s talking about my mental health a lot, for someone else it’s dealing with it alone. And everything is fine, as long as it floats your boat! I will really be the last person to tell you that you have to do a certain thing to get out of your dark place otherwise you’ll be in there forever!!11!!1
No. Never. Because that’s rubbish. There is not one yellow brick road of getting out of there. There is a whole spectrum of colours and ways to get out of it. Just pave your own!
Everyone is different and every person deals with his or her things differently.
Personally, it’s enough when people ask me if they can do anything. Most of the time I say they can’t, but it gives me the feeling that people care and that feeling is more than enough most of the time. When there is something they can do, I’ll tell them and most of the time it’s as simple as giving me a hug or listening to me for a few minutes.

Hope you enjoyed this blabbering.
It’s not really structured and it does not really have a theme, but hey, isn’t that exactly who I am? Not really structured and no idea what I am doing?

Have a nice day!

Lots of Love,


~music corner~
This was the song that introduced me to kpop. SHINee was my first kpop group and they have helped my get through so much sh*t simply by making music.
I hope they will continue making music and I don’t care if they do it as SHINee or individually as long as they take good care of themselves.
I hope you enjoy the clip! It’s rather funny.


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