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I am back… I am Back.. I am back, back back back back back HO!
*Ahem*, shout-out to SHINee for the most amazing comeback line in history. (I’ll include the video-clip somewhere below).
For the past month and a half I have been on a hiatus. Sorry for not letting you know! I just took a break from my hobbies to get my university-life back on track. After a few weeks I finally think it is going fairly well. Better than before, at least.
Since I’ve been away for a bit, I decided to make it up to you by doing a challenge. I am going to post something on my Instagram page and my blog every day for the whole of March.  Now, I am not going to lie to you here, but of course I have already prepared some entries beforehand. Knowing me, myself and I and my messy life I will sometimes not have the time or the energy to make something for you guys, so I have done some work in advance. I just had the Premonition that if I didn’t I would fail and that wouldn’t be so good or my journey, would it?
Today is day one of my challenge! A few days ago I went online to find a cute “writing-challenge” as well as a “drawing challenge” and I needless to say: I found one. For the first day the writing challenge told me to write something about “10 things that make me happy”.

Let’s go!

10: Crocheting
Crocheting is my life. MY. LIFE. It calms me down, helps me think about important things and it helps me relax in general. I love to make things I can actually use. I have crocheted myself a mascot when I was doing my finals in highschool. He is named “Koen” and I took him with me into the big hall where we had to write our finals. I also made a pillow which also functions as a heat-pillow because you can change the stuffing and replace it with a pillow you can heat up. Of course I have made countless plushies. Something that’s an ongoing big project is my granny-square blanket and at the moment I am also working on a cape. I love to crochet!

9: My theatre group “the Understudies
At the beginning of this year I decided to join The Understudies which is my study association’s theatre group. Man! I love them! They make me feel so happy and I always love going to the rehearsals. At the moment we are rehearsing our “big play” which we will perform in June/July. I can’t say too much but it will be awesome!
Here they are:

mucho understudies

8: going to the movies
Just sitting back, sipping a fizzy drink and munching on some popcorn while watching a new movie. Love it! This literally forces me to sit back and relax. I have to put away my phone and the only thing I have to do is sit, watch and enjoy. So relaxing! The last movie I went to see is Black Panther. You guys, it is such a good movie! I loved it. It was amazing! Definitely worth the money and the time. Go see it.

7: my 50’s dresses
Well what can I say. The people who know me also know that my closet is filled with every colour of the rainbow (except for orange somehow). The biggest part of those colourful items is made up of 50’s dresses and skirts. I love the longer skirts and the floral prints, but the most important part is maybe that they make me feel like a beautiful, sophisticated lady who enjoys life. My favourite dress at the moment is a light blue one with white and pink blossoms on it which I love to pair with a creme-coloured little vest and white sneakers or black heels.

6: Candy
Candy is my life. I cannot remember a time where I didn’t have sweet tooth. I think this is the one of the reasons why my butt is so big haha! (Also just has to do with my physique but I just like to make that joke) But you know what they say: Ladies with big bums are smart.
Besides, my 8 year old sister loves big bums so why should I be ashamed of it? Children speak the truth. As long as she thinks her big sister is pretty than I am.

5: Dancing
I have been dancing all my life! I started off in elementary school with a friend. We did some sort of children-dance-jazz-ballet class and it was a lot of fun. After that, I did ballet but I quit once I had to go to highschool. I quit because I was afraid of getting bullied again because of it, which happened at elementary school. I told everyone I quit because I thought it was boring but the real reason was that I was afraid of getting bullied again. I regret that decision. After ballet, a friend of mine (HI JAIMY!) took me to her hiphop-streetdance dance classes and I have done that for years! Loved it!. Right now I sometimes rent a place at my university’s sportscentre for an hour and dance. It’s free if you have a prescription at the university gym so I do it quite often. Dancing makes me feel free and makes me feel good about myself.

4: Drawing
Oooooh drawing! I love to draw! It’s something I am not sure I’m good at but nevertheless, I keep on practicing. It makes me forget time and my problems and just helps me relax. Drawing is awesome you guys. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it, as long as you do what makes you feel happy then it is so worth it!

3: my frenz!
YAS FRENZ. These crazy people are so awesome! Each person in their own way. We all have our hard times and we all struggle. We all fall down and we all feel miserable once in a while, but we can always count on each other. Even if I do not talk to each of them as much or maybe I do not share everything with every one of them, they’re all equally important to me and I just want them to know that I value them and that they’re very important to me. They help shape me in some way. They’re important.
Frenz: I love you and you’re all equally important to me okay?!


The first picture features my best friend, the second picture features three of my other very good friends and the last one is also one of my very good friend but she had class when we snapped the second picture 🙂

2: my mother, father, sisters, grandparents, “bonus”-mother, “step”-father and “step”-siblings
What can I say. This group of people is my family. I love my family beyond anything. They are always there. Even if they sometimes irritate me all in their own way they always make me feel happy and blessed that they’re there. No matter what happens to me, I will always have someone to turn to. There’s always someone to help me when I am stuck. Even my three-year old sister helps me. I love it when I enter the living room and they run to me to hug me good morning. So adorable! The best thing about this group of people? They love me unconditionally. And I love them unconditionally. I am lucky to have them. I enjoy being around them.
Big shout-out to my mother by the way. She has been there so much for me and has listened to so many of my problems and helped me get out of panic-attacks so many times. I love you mom! Also shout-out to my dad. Even if I don’t see you that much I always enjoy being around you because your dad-jokes are awesome and I love how we just sometimes act downright ridiculous (dancing around the living room for example) I love you dad! Oh and my oldest sister! You’re awesome. Thank you for putting up with a sister like me ;). I love you sister!

1:  SHINee
SHINEE *woop woop* SHINEE *woop woop* SHINEE *woop woop*
I have talked about them before and I will talk about them again.
These men shaped me for a big part. These boys are important to me. They got me through dark parts of my depression. They’re my examples. Their music lifts my up, makes me happy, makes me able to cry when I need to but can’t. They make me feel understood.
Plus they’re handsome as hell.
Especially Key.
Key has always been my bias as it is called. I love how he is just himself and does not really care if people judge him, as long as he is not ashamed for who he is. I think one of the most important things he said, for me, is: “I do not want to be the best, I want to be someone I am not ashamed to be”.
All these years I have been trying to pursue that: Becoming someone I am not ashamed to be. I want to be me. I want to be like Key: myself. Each and every day I try to show the people around me the girl I am on the inside. Then I don’t talk about the anxiety and the depression or my hypersensitivity, but I talk about the girl who’s behind that. Most people describe that as colourful, which is exactly what I aim for since the world inside my head is filled with every colour existing out there!
I admire them so much. Even more now that they’re picking up their lives after the death of their bandmate. God I admire them so much! Thank you for existing SHINee!


Oh and this is the song that got me into kpop, which is also the video I mentioned in the introduction: SHINee- Sherlock

Thank you so much for reading, as always! Do not forget to check out my instagram page to also follow that challenge.

Lots of love,



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