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Pet peeves

The challenge wanted me to write about my top three pet peeves today.
But I can’t. Because I don’t know what a pet peeve is exactly.
So, I looked it up! Google said that a pet peeve is “something that a particular person finds especially annoying.”
Oh boy. I could talk about so many things right now. There are SO MANY things that annoy me but the challenge only allows me to write about three of them. Here we go. Hopefully you enjoy reading about my top three pet peeves!

3: Mushed food or food and drinks with bits in it.
Literally. The worst.
I hate hate hate hate hate HATE it when my drink has bits of food in it or someone gives me “stamppot” for dinner, which is a Dutch dish where you mashed potatoes together with for instance carrots. I literally throw up when I smell it, let alone eat it. I just hate it when food is too soft or mushy. It is just so incredibly gross.

2: Getting my hands covered in something.
Yuck! I hate it when I am doing the dishes and the food from the dirty plate gets on my hand, or when I touch the gross water. I will always find a way around of having to stick my hand into the water. I also hate it when they’re covered in mud or another sticky substance. I usually scrub my hands after having done the dished just because I am so grossed out by having touched all the dirty things. Messy hands are the worst.
What I do not hate is getting my hands covered in cookie dough for instance, or something else that’s delicious. I also do not mind clear water. So washing my hands is not a problem or anything.

1: Hearing someone eat.
THIS IS THE WORST. Hearing someone eat can really get me nauseous and irritated.
And you know what is even worse?! SMELLING someone else’s food. Especially clementines or bananas. I get so nauseous when someone is peeling a banana or a clementine when I am near. Strangely, I always get the urge to slap someone when they’re eating loudly/smelling things around me. (So be aware. Very aware 😉 ).
Uh oh, I have just come up with the worst food situation: Eating children. I cannot…cannot…cannoooooot… stand children who are eating. The food is EVERYWHERE and nowhere. They eat with their mouths opened, eat with their hands, talk with their mouths still filled with food and the worst one: show you the food in their mouths.
I really hate this. Whenever I am at my dad’s, of course I have dinner with the whole of my family including my little sisters. I have kind of taught myself to not look at them while they’re eating and just not think. Occasionally, I will tell them to close their mouths when eating because I cannot take it anymore, but most of the time it is okay.

That’s that.
That was umm.. something to write.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about my pet peeves! Do not forget to check out my instagram because I am doing a challenge over there too.

Lots of love,


Here is by the way a song to cheer you…me… up after that horrible, horrible post. It is a very beautiful Japanese song by SHINee 🙂


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