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The “Key” to my heart

Yes. Let’s go. Yes!
Today I get to write about someone who inspires me.
Of course I instantly know who that is: Kim Kibum a.k.a. SHINee’s Key!
Now, I know that most of you don’t get why I love the Korean people so much, but I just do. They’re very intriguing.
In my opinion Key is the most beautiful human being on this earth, inside and out.
Yeah, yeah, of course he has his flaws and I do not know him personally, so there might be a really nasty side to this man. But as far as I know he is an amazing human being.
Let me start off by showing you a picture of the man:


I Adore this man. And no, I do not just adore him because he is pretty. He has actually said some things I really agree with and has helped me get through some tough situations. For instance when I am in a situation in which I feel judged so much or am struggling with myself I just remember this quote by him: “I do not want to become the best, I just want to become someone I am not ashamed to be.” That’s exactly what I am doing.
Also, whenever I have to do something I really do not want to do, I remember this Key-quote: “In order to do something I love, I have to do something I hate.” And so I will. A few days ago I was struggling with my homework and I really did not want to do it, and then I remembered that quote and went on with it. Because in order to be allowed to join class (something I love), I have to do the homework (something I hate).
His fashion style is also very eccentric, the man even has a major in fashion studies and is the fashion director of his own band sometimes. I love his fashion style! Key always wears a lot of fun items with bright coloured fabrics. He has been my example for so many years, he encouraged me to just wear whatever the f*ck I want to and not care about the opinion of others.
I also love how he is so critical of everything (critical in a good way). He has his own stance in life and I think he is quite mature int his.
His facial expressions are so funny! Look:


here he is watching a TV show which featured his boyband and he is being judgemental over the actions of his bandmates (not in a bad way. He is just like “ahhh this guy!”). He directs his own little reality shows and they are just the best. He did one about his own life called “Key’s know-how” and also one about BoA called “Keyword #boa”. I always laugh my ass off with this guy, plus he also shows a more real side of him though these shows and I love to see how ‘normal’ his daily life is.

What can I say? I just adore the man. That’s all. He is my example.

Now, other people who inspire me are my parents and my oldest sister. I can be so jealous of them sometimes.
My mother is just always there for me. She is a single mother and has had a pretty hard life at points. She always does her best to give us anything we need and I can honestly say that I have never lacked anything in my life. I just love my mom.
I am also inspired by my dad. He is just always in for a joke and I also want to be like that. I also just love my dad ๐Ÿ™‚
I also admire my sister. She just does her own little thing and just…yeah does her own thing. You often see that siblings imitate each other in a lot of ways but not my sister! She does take me as an example (at least I think so) but she just turns everything into her own thing. Which I think is awesome!

Thank you for reading the fourth day of my challenge! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading it again. Let me know who your inspiration is in the comments! I would love to hear about that. Also, do not forget to check out my instagram page too!

Lots of love,


Oh, by the way… to anyone telling me “but he is Korean, how can you ever understand a word he says. How can you listen to Kpop? You do not even speak Korean!” I say this:key_DS_gif1.gif


14 thoughts on “The “Key” to my heart

  1. Aww, I totally feel you though! I had no idea Key can be such an inspiration! I really like that quote: “I do not want to become the best, I just want to become someone I am not ashamed to be.โ€ I really like it when famous people are able to inspire us to be come better humans ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I was going to say, it was hard to look past the diva, but I love that he is so much more than that! I feel like I can relate more with this side of him. Very impressed ๐Ÿ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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