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World view

Hellew, Here I am again!
Back again for the fifth day of my challenge, yo! Today it wants me to write about “five places I want to visit”.
Well, Girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do, right? So, without further ado… Let’s write about five places I want to visit.

5: A big drawing studio where I can be artsy all day long.
As many of you might have already discovered, I am a very artsy person. I love crafting all kinds of things. I draw, I crochet, I paint, I sew, I make Pringle cans into anything I can think of. So I would love to just hire an art studio for, lets say a week, and just do art. Nothing but art. Just art. Dance, sing, craft, write. I would love this. But I do not know any place to do this so it is just a hypothetical place I would like to visit.
(don’t forget to check out my drawing challenge on my instagram page!


4: A nail salon
Maybe this one strikes you as a weird one and I can imagine that. Why would someone want to visit a nail salon out of the blue? Well, as you might have found out in my previous posts about 10 things I love, I love kpop. Something the female kpop stars (and sometimes also the male stars!) are known for is their nail art and I have always wondered what it is like to get your nails professionally done in a funky colour of with pretty design on them. So, yeah I would like to experience that one time. Feel a bit fancy for a while.

3: London
A few years back I visited London with my mother and I just really liked it over there. I had the time of my life! I would just like to go back some day. The people were really kind and I loved doing the typical kind of sightseeing. Something I’ll never forget is the big M&M store and of course Harrods!


2: The “Rijksmuseum” in Amsterdam
Okay, first let me explain what this is. The Rijksmuseum is a big museum in Amsterdam which has all kinds of important art pieces. The most famous one maybe being De Nachtwacht by Rembrandt. They’ve renovated the place and ever since they re-opened it I have been desperately wanting to go there. The thing is… everyone keeps on going there without me! And after they went they say: Next time you have to join us! And then the next time comes and they forget about me again or plan the trip on a day I cannot go. I know nobody does this on purpose. It just gets quite annoying, you know?!

1: Seoul
Ah! South Korea’s capital! Bet you saw this one coming, didn’t you? Bet you did. I have been studying the South Korean’s for almost eight years now. (Yes, I say studying because I know all kinds of things about Korea and I love finding out more and more. They’re very intriguing to me). The only problem with this one is that I am afraid to go on a plane. I just have such a scary feeling when thinking about being high up in the air, so helpless. I also have the prominent fear that when I do get on a plane, I am in the one plane that goes down. (Like the guy in Alanis Morissette’s song “Ironic”) Everyone keeps on telling me that travelling by plane is the safest method out there and that I won’t die, but you’ll see. When I get on that plane it will go down and I will get hurt. Or worse.
So I guess I have to find my way around travelling by plane if I really want to go to South Korea. I would love to see Seoul some day and walk around in the city where all the musicians I love and loved live their lives. It would be so awesome to get a glimpse of what it’s like on the other side of the world.
And also Seoul just seems like an awesome city to me.


That was all I had to type today. I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know in the comments which place you would like to visit one day. Also, do not forget to check out my other social media accounts. Especially my instagram account of course!

Lots of Love,


Also, Check out this song I love it!


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