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My heart’s manual

Day five: “five ways to win my heart”… Well challenge if you must know I will write them down for you. They’re not that hard to guess to be honest!
5: Take care of yourself
The typical thing most people say that it is all about what a person is like on the inside and I cannot deny that. If a person looks really good but is a douche bag he/she can go take classes on how to be a decent human being first before even trying to impress me. Even if in an alternative universe my idol Key would come up to me and show interest but he’d turn out to be a douche bag I’d tell him a big fat no. (Read all about Key over here). BUT! I do care about how someone looks too and I think that most people do too. I just like it when a person looks like they take good care of themselves.
4: Don’t force me
If someone ever tries to force me into anything they can either expect a cold shoulder, a hateful glance or if it goes really far a slap across the face or a knee to the groin or anything. I do not like to be forced. With anything. I really want to be my own person and I really will not let anyone tell me what to do.
3: don’t try to win my heart by showing false interest
I know that I am a fairly pretty looking girl. But I also know that I have quite a weird personality. I listen to kpop, draw, crochet, knit, sew, laugh about weird things, cry each day, I do not understand a single thing about what I feel and on top of that I am socially awkward. I had a boyfriend once who showed interest in my hobbies in the beginning of the relationship, but as we went on he started to criticize them. I stopped drawing, I stopped listening to the music I loved and I started to dress differently. To everyone out there reading this: do not let anyone ever try to change who you are and take away the things you love because it makes you feel miserable. At the end of the relationship I really had to re-establish who I was more or less, and I can tell you that that’s not fun.
2: Be honest
If you do not like my pants: tell me. If my hair looks weird: tell me. If I hurt you with anything I said: tell me. If there is something wrong with our relationship: tell me. If you did something behind my back: tell me.
Summarized: talk to me and be honest.
I absolutely hate it when someone lies to me. I get more hurt by a person lying to me than it would if someone just came up to me and said “Hey honey, I did this and that with someone else for this reason”. It hurts less because I appreciate honesty. Of course I don’t like cheating, it is the worst thing in the world to be cheated on. Even if it is just through messaging someone and talking about “Things you shouldn’t talk about with someone else like that” (if you know what I mean). That hurts, man! And FYI that is called emotional cheating. So it is also cheating.
I also really appreciate it when someone just comes up to me and talks about problems they have, especially if they involve me. I will really not get angry. Yeah sure I dislike talking about things I have done wrong but it is better than keeping it in for years and then have a fight over it.
1: be kind
Maybe this is the most important thing I list here. (Duh, that’s why it is number one). My soul has been hurt pretty bad multiple times before. My walls are high, I do not talk easily about the secrets I keep. Loads of people would say that I am an open book but let me tell you, nobody has ever seen the real monster inside or the girl whose knees can’t hold her upright anymore after a rough day. I do not want to show anyone because I am afraid they’ll either tell me to man up or run away as usual. I just need a person who is kind to my soul and won’t get scared when I hit a low because I can say really nasty things to the people I love when I am in the “depression zone”. I just want to cuddle up from time to time, I just want someone to hold me upright when my knees give in and the tears stream down my face. Just someone who functions like a branch when I’m into the cold, dark lake too deep. All I really ask for is some kindness and a shoulder to cry on, then I promise I will give you anything you ask for and I promise to love you unconditionally.

Well that turned out way more serious than I thought I’d be but I don’t think it is bad. It does feel a little bit strange to put myself out there like this so please be kind to me. Let me know what you think in the comments down below and do not forget to check out my other social media accounts! Especially my Instagram page because I am doing an awesome Handlettering Challenge!

Thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow for day 7!

Lots of Love,



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