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Playlist talk

AH yeah music. I love music.
Day seven is all about ten songs I am loving at the moment! Do you want to find out if I listen to other music outside of kpop? Then you can as a fact, read all about it down below!
If you want to listen to any of the songs you can just click on the name and it will take you to youtube :).

But before I begin:

If you have any songs you would like me to listen to then please let me know! I love discovering new music and you’d be surprised by the amount of different genres I listen to ;). No branch of music is better or less than the other. I love to try them all, but whether I like it is a whole other story.
Let’s start with the list!

10 Portugal. The man – Feel it still
At first I really, really hated this song but when I listened to it some more it has grown on me. It’s got such a catchy tune!
9 Taemin – sexuality
WOAH Taemin stop it right there young man! Last thing I remember before getting into kpop again is this little bean being all cutesy and young. Definitely not singing about this… uh… “explicit” subject and being so…ahem… mature. Nevertheless, this song is so damn catchy and it makes me want to dance.
8 Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois
This song won last year’s European Songfestival. It is such a sweet song and it made me feel very melancholic. I like is so much!
7 Holland – Neverland
*applauds* … just… *applauds*
This man is the first openly homosexual I see emerge in the kpop scene. I absolutely love it. It takes so many guts to do this and I will support Holland until I cannot support him anymore! Go Holland!
6 BTS – Save Me
This song cracked me up last week. I was just drawing for my handlettering challenge on my Instagram page (which you should check out by the way), when this song came up. When the chorus came all I heard was: SEGWAY SEGWAY, SEGWAY PEEP PEEP! and I almost fell off my chair laughing. They actually sing “save me, save me, save me, me, me” but “What’s been heard cannot be unheard”!
5 Lee Hi – Breathe
This song was written by the late Kim Jonghyun and man it hits me right in the feels. ‘Nough said.
4 Jonghyun – before our spring
What can I say…
I miss his instagram lives and I am so sad that he will not release music anymore. His music makes me feel understood and makes me feel less lonely. He was just amazing and I hope that he is playing the kazoo up there for everyone.
SHINee will always be five. No matter what, we won’t forget him.
You did well, Jonghyun.
3 SHINee – The world With you
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine so I have to include it. This stage is still with Jonghyun in there and I cannot listen to it without his voice there. Nevertheless: beautiful song. (This is in Japanese by the way, not Korean).
2 BTS – Not today
Just check it out. It’s badass.
1 NCT U – Don’t stop
Holy sh*t Taeyong (the readhead). Holy sh*t this whole group called NCT U.
Holy SH*t Korea where do you manufacture those men? Why does it seem like there is a never ending supply of beautiful Korean men in Korea? Why can’t they send me one?
The song is also just badass. Go listen to it!

There you have it! Ten songs I am loving right now. Naturally I put in a lot of kpop but that’s because I listen to it. Can’t make anything up now, can I? Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading day seven. See you tomorrow for my next March Challenge entry! Don’t forget to check out my instagram page as well for some more March Challenge fun. Let me know what you think about my list or maybe share a song you really want me to listen to down below!

Lots of Love,



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