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Words of Wisdom

Day nine! Until now, I think my challenge is going fairly well. I have been able to write some things almost every day. I am also generally happy that I decided to do some planning and write some articles before the actual publishing date. Today the challenge has me writing about some words of wisdom that speak to me.
There are so many to choose from and I really had a hard time choosing just one quote. After a good night’s sleep I decided to go with this one:

“I do not want to become the best, I want to become someone I am not ashamed to be”.

This sentence was once uttered by my idol Key. (Whom I wrote about here too). If you’ve read that article you know how much this man has influenced me and is still influencing me. I just really look up to him.

Now about that sentence. I have always had the feeling that society wants me to be perfect. I have to be fit, I have to be pretty, my skin has to be flawless, I have to dress according to the fashion trend, and so on, and so on. But when I got into SHINee and found that quote that has somewhat gone down a bit. Of course I still feel society’s pressure to be skinny and to be pretty but I can level it out a little bit more. That sentence reminds me of the fact that the only one I need to be “perfect” for is myself, because I am the one dealing with myself each day. I want to be a person who is proud of herself and just portrays what she believes in. I do not want to be part of the bigger crowd. I just want to be someone I am not ashamed to be, I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

Now, this sentence does not magically take away all the prejudices in my head I think people have against me. It does not take away that little voice who tells me I am chubby and it does not take away the voice that nags me to “dress pretty or people will judge you”. However, when this sentence does help me is when I am scrolling through my instagram feed or my facebook feed. It helps me remind myself that I do not have to look as “perfect” as all the pretty girls on instagram do. These words help me realise that the girls on instagram have different lives from mine and that it is not my job to look like that. My job is to be myself and nobody else. All I have to be concerned about it my study, my mental health and doing the things I love to do. My job is not to become a fitgirl or post sponsored pictures wearing pretty sports gear on instagram. I do not have to be like that. I just have to be me.

That was all I have to say for this one really. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading today’s article. Do not forget to check out and follow my instagram page as well to check out my drawing challenge! See you tomorrow 🙂

Lots of Love,



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