blog · Writing Challenge March 2018

dem feels

Day ten! What? Day ten already?! Yes, sir/madam/human/(fill in your preference). I feel quite tired and depressed. Kind of suddenly, I am back into a deep, dark hole again and I hate it. Now, I know for a fact that I will get out of it again but I don’t know when that’ll be and that’s not fun. Today I have to write about something I strongly feel for.

Something I strongly feel for is mental health care and then I do not mean just the professional kind but also the personal kind. As I look around, I see more and more people becoming depressed or falling down into a burn-out. Personally, I think society’s standards are too high. We need to calm the f*ck down a little bit because this is not working you guys. I have my fair share of mental health problems so I know how important it is to take care of yourself even though I am not really good at it myself.

Something I also think has to change is the stigma surrounding mental health problems. I think that a lot of people keep their problems to themselves because they feel like they burden the people around them too much. Or maybe they feel pressured to be mentally stable and simply do not dare to open up. Even though my surroundings are opening up about mental health problems and are very supportive, others might not experience this. I don’t know how to solve this problem on a big scale, all by myself. What I can do is write about it and tell the person reading this (yes you) that it is okay to cry and that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. It is okay if there are days when you cannot get out of bed. It is okay if you feel like shit. Just allow yourself to heal. Do not fight the monsters in your head, learn to work with them instead of against them. The energy this costs is so much lesser than the energy it costs if you fight against them. All you do it learn to understand who you are and what you need to heal. Fighting against them and trying to suppress everything does not work usually. You feel like this for a reason. When you find this reason, you can work with it.

Well, that’s it again. Sorry that it is not a very long article but sometimes I just don’t have a lot to say. Anyway, thank you for bearing with me and see you tomorrow!

Lots of Love,



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