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count your blessings

Day twelve it is!
Wah, day twelve already. I do notice that it is getting harder to write things which are not the same as other posts, even though I’ve got a challenge and I’ve got a prompt to write about every day. Coming up with exciting content is hard, you guys! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading the entries for my challenge each day so far.
Today I have to write about five blessings in my life.
Here we go 🙂
5: my privileges
Let’s just state it here: I am a privileged human being. I’ve got everything I need and more. Sometimes, I kind of feel embarrassed towards the people who do not have everything and more. I am very aware of all the things I’ve got and I am very grateful for them. I feel very blessed.
4: my education
Not everyone is able to go to university or college. Not everyone is this smart and I am very, very aware of that. I’ve had to climb my way up here too and it still is not easy for me to keep up. But I am doing the best I can and I know that I can do it! I promise to give it everything I’ve got and work hard until I can work no more!
3: my parents and my family
I am so blessed to have both my parents, my sisters and all four of my grandparents. Not everyone still has all of them around. I feel so happy that I’ve got this group of people around me because they support me in everything I want to achieve and they put up with my nagging about kpop all the time. Whenever there’s a problem they’re just there. My grandparents are and have always been the sweetest people I know. When I was younger I loved going to my grandparents so much.
2: my brain
Come on, without my brain and its capacities I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Yeah, of course I’ve got mental problems all the way and my mind is a constant mess. No, it is not always fun to be me but I am just hella grateful that I am healthy and that my brain is equipped with “being smart”. Yes, it works differently than most people’s brains and most of the time that’s quite hard to deal with. But there are also numerous moments in which it is a huge benefit to have my kind of brain. So, I am very blessed with this brain I’ve got.
1: my health
What can I say. I think that everyone overall is grateful for being healthy. I worry every day that I will get terminally ill, or lose some kind of ability and each day that passes I am just happy that my body is healthy and that everything function the way it is supposed to do. Thank you body! I’m blessed to have you.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading and do not forget to check out my instagram page as well. It would make me really happy if you follow me on there 🙂

Lots of Love,



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