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Day thirteen is all about excitement! I get to write something I am very excited about.
Well, actually there’s a lot I am excited about so I think I will just write down a few of them instead of just one thing. Enjoy reading!

Okay, so, one thing I am really excited about is the upcoming Marvel movie “Infinity war”. I simply cannot wait for it to become April. A few weeks ago I went to see Black Panther and I loved it so much! It was such an exciting movie and I loved all the colours used in the costumes and maaaaan I cannot wait to see how Shuri will have a tech-battle with Tony Stark. Or at least I hope they will because I think that that’ll be very funny to watch. If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet and you have the chance to go and see then I definitely recommend you do! It’s worth it.

Another thing I am really excited about is going to see my coach on Friday. She is going to do something called “Matrix coaching” and I am just really curious to find out what exactly she is going to do. I really think she is helping me a great deal in understanding how my brain works and where my depressive thoughts and anxiety come from. I have been to a psychologist before, but all they tried was  cognitive behavioral therapy and that did not really help. They always treated my depression or my anxiety, never both. These psychologists also never looked beyond the depression or anxiety, which I have found out by now was something that’s necessary.

A third thing I am utmost excited about is the “big play”. I am in the theatre group called “The Understudies” (You can read about them here) and in June we will perform a version of Sweeney Todd. I have quite a big role and I am just so very excited for everyone to see it! I just love these people. They always know how to brighten up my week.

I am also really excited about (hopefully) finally getting my “Propedeuse”. In the Netherlands we have something called the Propedeuse. When you pass all your first year courses you get a sort of degree as proof that you successfully passed all of your first year courses of university or college. With that, you can amongst other things, enroll into other schools easier if you wish to study something else. Last year was a bit of a rough year for me and I did not pass two of my courses. I have to resit one of the exams from one course, and retake a whole other course (syntax….bleh). I actually know what I am doing with syntax now, something I couldn’t say last year, so I think I will pass that course if I put in the work. I also think that now I start to understand it, there is something captivating about it. As for the other, it’s rote-learning almost 2500 words and I am not a big star at rote-learning so I will give it my best and try. If I don’t pass it I have another chance next year.

Lastly, I am excited about something that hasn’t even been planned yet. For my study I have to do a minor. And for that minor, I will probably travel abroad to Seoul! I have been wanting to go to South-Korea for almost 8 years now I think. So, to finally see it really happen in my future is just a real dream come true. However, I do have to overcome my fear of flying but that’s something for the future and I am working really hard on it. It would be such a waste to not take this opportunity!

And that’s that! A glimpse into the things I am excited about. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading my article once again. Do not forget to check out my social media pages as well, especially my instagram account! See you all tomorrow 🙂

Lots of Love,



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