blog · Writing Challenge March 2018

You’re a wizard, Harry

“I’m a what?!”
“You’re a wizard. And a thumpin’ goon one that is!”
“But Hagrid… I can’t be a… a wizard!?”

OH yeah baby! Harry Potter. (Let’s hope I remember those lines I typed above correctly and do not make anyone angry by citing Harry Potter the wrong way) Day fourteen of my challenge is about a movie I never get tired of watching. My all-time favourite movie is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. I saw this movie as a kid when I was watching tv with my father. That really is one of my dearest memories! The movie was so exciting to me, it grasped me from beginning till end and never let me go again. And secretly I had a movie-star crush on Daniel Radcliffe in the movie (but shhh don’t tell anyone, capiche?). It was so magical.

Ever since that one movie-night with my dad on the couch I have loved Harry Potter. I have all the books, read them multiple times. I was sorted into a house on the Harry Potter: Exhibition last year, where I got to meet the actors of the Weasley twins James and Oliver Phelps!

I even crocheted my own gryffindor scarf. And oh, I occasionally wear a gryffindor tie to school. No, this is not rally frowned upon since I study British English and almost everyone walks around in a Harry Potter scarf. You could say that I am quite a big fan! It is my second favourite thing after SHINee.

No matter how many times I watch that one Harry Potter movie, I always get excited and the magic of it just never wears out for me. I just think that everything about it is magical and it just gets my out of every bad mood. Always. (Potterheads: see what I did here eeeyy). I’ve seen it so many times that I know the lines by heart, much to the annoyance of everyone I’ve ever watched it with. I just can’t help whispering or talking along with he movie, and yes I also do different voices. You can’t use the same voice for Harry as you do for Hagrid or Hermoine, okay?!

Quite a short story today. But that’s okay. I just don’t always have the ability to write a bible’s worth of text with every prompt on my list.

So to make it up here is a funny picture from the exhibition I went to see:

What’s you favourite movie? Let me know down below! Don’t forget to fly by my instagram page as well.
Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Lot of Love,



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