blog · Writing Challenge March 2018

Bullet points!

For the fifteenth day of my challenge I have to bullet point one of my days. I don’t think there is anything else to say besides: have fun reading what one of my typical days look like!
I bullet pointed my Wednesday, by the way, since that’s the day on which I do the most things. Let’s go!

  • 8:00 wake up
  • 8:00-8:30 play around on my phone and properly wake up
  • 8:30 Actually get out of bed. Visit the toilet (ey I am human too). Put on my radio.
  • 8:40 get dressed and do my makeup and hair
  • 9:00-9:10 make breakfast. (usually some oatmeal and a cup of coffee) While my breakfast is cooking I usually make some sandwiches to take to school and fill my water bottle.
  • 9:30 leave for school
  • 9:45 my first class of the day “Introduction to Middle English Literature”
  • 10:30 go to my second class
  • 10:45 Second class: Second Language Acquisition
  • 11:30 break
  • 11:45 Resume Second Language Acquisition
  • 12:30 finish SLA and go to the Refter to meet with my research partner and make frames for body paragraphs we need to write
  • 12:45 eat lunch
  • 14:00 go home
  • 14:15 arrive home. Unpack bag. Homework, laundry.
  • 16:45 go back to uni for dinner with friends
  • 17:00 eat dinner with friends
  • 18:45 head towards my theatre group’s rehearsal
  • 19:00 start rehearsal
  • 21:00 end rehearsal
  • 21:00- 21:10 tidy up the room we used
  • 21:15 go to our usual cafe
  • 21:30 hang out at cafe until I am tired and then I go home
  • 00:30 arrive home and put on my pajamas. Remove contacts. Do my 10-step-skincare-routine and go to bed.
  • 00:50 play around on phone
  • 1:15 sleep

That’s it! That is what my usual Wednesday looks like. Well, not completely though. Usually I have another class at 12:45-15:30 but that one was cancelled this week. There you have it, a grasp of my schedule! Is it similar to your normal Wednesday? Let me know down below and do not forget to check out my Instagram page as well!

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow 🙂

Lots of Love,



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