blog · Writing Challenge March 2018

missing something

Yes I made it! I am halfway though my challenge! I must say, it is hard to keep up with it sometimes but I am trying my best.
Hmmmm Day sixteen is about something I miss.
There isn’t necessarily something I miss. I mean, I have friends, my family, a roof above my head, a place to sleep, enough food, I do not have any wrinkles yet so age is also something i do not miss…and so on.
To people who do not have all of the above, this might sound like heaven and it might sound like I have everything my heart desires. Which is true.
Because there is something I miss.

Love and affection. Someone who loves me for me.
Now, I know that my family loves me unconditionally and I am very, very thankful for that. I also love them until the moon and back. I also have friends who care about me and who make me happy.
Yet, I feel lonely. I just wish that there was someone outside my staple pack of friends and my beloved family to love me. You know? Sometimes I just want to watch a movie on Netflix while cuddling with someone and make fun comments or something. I just want to be the person out for dinner on a romantic date. I am just sick of seeing all the couples around wherever I go and whenever I dare to walk up straight and look around instead of hang my head down.

Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely a lot and I’ve been trying to fill it with so many things. None of which have worked. I have tried food, I have tried sports, studying, drawing singing, watching series, etcetera.  The feeling just keeps lingering around. I can’t seem to shake it off and that makes me really sad a times because it makes me feel like there will never be anybody to love me.
So, if you ask me if I’ve got everything I need materialistic wise, then yes I do. But if you ask me if I have everything I need over all, then no I don’t.

Hopefully, I haven’t made you feel sad in any way. I also hope I didn’t give you some existential crisis or anything… I juts hope you enjoyed reading my little article! As always, don’t forget to check out my instagram as well. I would love it if you did!
Thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow 🙂

Lots of Love,



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