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Today is day 18 of my writing challenge. Which means that I still have 13 days to go.
Now, I am not going to lie I have thinking of quitting it by now but I want to prove to myself that I can do it! So, that’s why I kept on going. Day eighteen is about “30 facts about me”, but first I would like to get something else of my chest. If you only want to read the 30 facts I suggest you skip the whole first part ;). Have fun reading!

Today is 18 March and I feel a little bit sad. It has been three months since my one of my favourite singers, Kim Jonghyun, committed suicide. I am not going to lie and say that I got over it really quick since he was not someone I knew personally. Nonetheless, Jonghyun was someone I felt quite close to since I have seen his depression getting worse over the time, for as far as I was able to see it at all. Whenever I watched a video-clip with him in it or whenever I listened to his songs there was always a feeling lingering behind. I always had the feeling there was something going on behind the scenes he was struggling with so, so badly. When the news reached me my first reaction was: Oh. That was the feeling. There you have it.
I can only recall a really angry feeling after it. I got so angry at the kpop music industry. That industry is so damn harsh and doesn’t tolerate anything that’s not “perfect”. Depression is taboo. Homosexuality is taboo. Even more things I am used to being a normal topic is taboo. Now, I can understand where it comes from since I’ve done some reading on these topics and why people in South Korea think that way. But still. I felt, and still feel, so angry.
They did release his last solo album and I bought it as soon as I was able to get my hands on a copy. It is so good. Jonghyun’s music was always so damn good. That last album did help me move on from it because after his death I felt a little bit lost.
Now, three months later, I think I understand why he did it and all I can say about it is:

You did well, Jonghyun.

Thank you for the patience and read the blabbering about all of the above. Now, to the 30 facts about me!

1: My real name is Lorin
2: I am female
3: I am single
4: I also run my own handlettering instagram account (which you should check out)
5: I study English Language and Culture at the Radboud university
6: I enjoy history a lot. Especially from 1500-1800.
7: I listen to kpop
8: my favourite band is SHINee
9: and yes, I do speak a little bit of Korean. But I am still learning it!
10: My hair is blonde
11: I am Dutch
12: I am a know-it-all
13: I love Harry Potter
14: My favourite drink is coffee
15: I’ve got three sisters
16: I am the oldest child at home
17: my favourite colour is blue
18: my idol is called Key, his real name is Kim Kibum
19: I have an anxiety disorder and I am probably Hypersensitive
20: I am addicted to candy
21: I can play the piano
22: I am running out of fact to list
23: I really hate the number 3
24: I have a slight nut allergy
25: I cannot stand the smell of clementines. It makes me nauseous
26: I am a picky eater
27: I LOVE bacon
28: I am 21 years old
29: I do not drink alcohol
30: I HATE pizza

There you have it!
Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow.

Lots of Love,




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