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My first love

Whooo! Day nineteen is about love! My challenge told me to write something about my first love for you guys!
Oh Geez. This will be kind of an embarassment for me but I have to do it nonetheless. Let’s go!

I met my first boyfriend when I was about 13 years old and I was in my first year of highschool. The story of how we met is actually quite a funny and a little bit of a strange one.
My parents are divorced and my mother met a very nice man around me being 13, who eventually became her boyfriend after a while.
(Already feel where this is going? I don’t think you do. Let me continue.)
My mother told me that he had a daughter and a son, and that the daughter was my sister’s age and the son was my age. She also told me that the son was in the same highschool as me. Naturally, my sister and I were very curious and soon we met them!
(Now you know where this is going, don’t you? I guess you do.)
From the moment they walked in I turned into a blushing mess and fell in love with my mother boyfriend’s son. Yes. This happened. (Told you it was awkward?!) A little while later, I saw him in school and I liked him more by the day. We started talking over Messenger, oh the good old MSN days, and my love for the boy grew each day. Eventually he told me that he liked me back and then we became boyfriend and girlfriend. He was a very cute and dorky guy and after having a little patience he gave me my first kiss. I really do not regret giving my first kiss away to him. It was adorable!

Told you: embarassing.

Needless to say, six months later we broke up. My mother kept on dating his father for a few years after that and we kind of began hating each other because we went into puberty and changed into two completely different people. In the end, we kind of came to terms with each other and liked each other again and became friends. So, whenever I see him now I will just say hi and probably give him a hug. I did spend a good seven years of my life with the guy in total.

That’s that. Nothing more to say really! I just hope that if he will ever read this that it will give him a good chuckle and make him think back of that clumsy, awkward first kiss we shared and hopefully he does not regret it. Thank you all for reading once again and I will see you tomorrow! As always: Don’t forget to check out my instagram page as well!

Lots of Love,



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