blog · Writing Challenge March 2018

Crushed it!

Okay, so first off about the header picture: I put this one up there because I have no clue which picture to put there, and I love chicken. And Onew. I love them both. For now, let’s stay into the love corner for a little while longer, shall we? Yesterday, I wrote about my first love and I told you the awkward story of how I met him. Today I have to write about three of my celebrity crushes for you. Let’s go!


On the third spot I put Choi Minho.
He is SHINee’s lead rapper and if you are a fashion addict you might have noticed him at the last fashion week in Paris. Minho is such a beautiful man! Everything about him is awesome. His cute little lisp, the funny way he laughs and the impressive way he performs. And of course, something not very unimportant to mention, his abs! oooooh his abs! He is the whole package!



Coming in second is Tom Hiddleston. Yes, ladies and gentlemen! I am a Hiddlestoner. Tom is just a very attractive guy and I cannot deny that. I also love the way he acts. No, I haven’t only seen him as Loki. I have actually watched other movies starring him ;).



Can’t you already guess my number one? If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you already know who I am going to put here. If you don’t, I talked about him Here too. He is my main inspiration. My Idol. My muse. My example. My…(let’s say his name together in 3,2,1…) KEY! Of course I put Key here. He is such a beautiful man and Damn he is so handsome. Have you seen the guy’s skin?! And his eyes?! They’re so dark! Have you ever heard him speak? Seen him perform? (I mean I have not seen him perform live either but that’s what Youtube it for eh!) I can’t get enough of his man and I wish there was a way in which I was able to let him know. Ah, I just wish was in some way the same as this man, he’s exactly the way I aspire to be.
Here’s another picture for you guys 🙂

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shinee key


That’s a wrap! That’s everything I have to say for today. Who is your main celebrity crush? Let me know down below and do not forget to check out my instagram page as well. Thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow!

Lots of Love,




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