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Another playlist

Day 22 is about more music! My challenge had me writing about music before. As you can read Here. For today’s entry I have to put my music on shuffle and post the first ten songs in here. Do you think everything will be kpop? Or do you think a lot of it won’t be?
Let’s find out!

1: NCT 127 – Firetruck
2: Jonghyun – Where are you
3: Jay Park – Joah
4: “A new king” from the Thor soundtrack
5: Bruno Mars – That’s what I like
6: Bobby Brown – every little step
7: Super Junior – Devil
8: SHINee – Note
9: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
10: Hyukoh – comes and goes

As you can see: A lot of it is non-kpop! Are you surprised or not?
I do not specifically listen to one type of music. I like so many different songs and so many different genres. The only type(s) of music I absolutely do not like is hardcore, metal or dubstep. Those songs are usually way too loud for me and give me a headache. I’m not saying that these music genres are not as good as others, I mean whatever floats your boat, but they do not work for me. They hurt my ears and make me feel stressed because there is so much going on in the music.

I think that music preference is very personal and that it can say a lot about the person listening to it, almost like a personal kind of talisman. When I look at my moods and the music I listen to during those moods, you can pretty much hear what my mood is by listening to the songs. Music also helps me to relax. Most of my friends and the people I know will probably associate my headphones with me a lot. I almost wear them continuously.  I’ve got a decent pair of Sennheiser headphones and they have such good noise cancelling. They allow me to withdraw myself from society for a little bit and actually enhance my focus when I am in traffic or when I am studying. So, the way you enjoy music can also tell a lot about your situation and you as a person.

That’s all I have to say for today. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading it once again! Don’t forget to check out my other social media handles as well. If you want to reach out for me you can always send me a message on instagram or send me an email! I’ll be happy to talk to you 🙂

Lots of Love,



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