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And then, there was a silence. A deafening silence inside my head. (which are rare) A deafening silence which said everything and nothing. This is how I feel. Temporary. Not important enough. Not important enough to be fought for. Replaced, abandoned, alone. I am temporary. I've been replaced and abandoned by people I love so… Continue reading I am TEMPORARY.

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”and the winner is…”

''Welcome back to The Voice of Holland! the second part of the finale is about to start. So, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the music!'' Number four says: TV show I would like to participate in. Well, I've always wanted to participate in a show like The Voice of Holland, Idols or The… Continue reading ”and the winner is…”

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My big, pink, princessy Paul Frank

Day three of the #30dayBlogChallengeNL hosted by Hare Maristeit is about ''what is in my bag/purse?''. Usually I carry a big backpack around because when I go to university I have to take my laptop with me, together with several books, my diary, bullet journal and pencil-case. My backpack is from Paul Frank so it has a monkey… Continue reading My big, pink, princessy Paul Frank

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#30DayBlogChallengeNL #2

Today I decided to do the second question of the #30DayBlogChallengeNL hosted by Hare Maristeit. If you want to read the first one 'my name' and see the rest of the challenge click on this link. The second question/point says: 'My favourite quote'. Well, I had to think very hard on this one since I have a… Continue reading #30DayBlogChallengeNL #2

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Time for a challenge

A few days ago I found out about the Dutch blogger Hare Maristeit. She invented the ''30DayBlogChallengeNL'' and I really liked the idea. Because I like to write in English and not in Dutch as you can read, I decided to just go ahead and translate every day of the challenge into English. The original… Continue reading Time for a challenge