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Cosplay, Conventions and a Stage

Manga, anime, comics, roleplaying, cosplay and conventions. These terms usually go together. When I was 14 or 15 years old, I found out about the anime Hetalia and later on also Black Butler (or Kuroshitsuji), together with some of my friends. We enjoyed watching episodes and dress up, or rather cosplay, our favourite characters. We… Continue reading Cosplay, Conventions and a Stage

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She believed she could, so she did

Good afternoon! Or good morning.. or whatever time it is where you're reading this. Are you having a nice day? I am for sure! Yesterday, I had so much fun! We went out with a few friends and I had such a nice time. Usually, I am not the girl who likes to go out… Continue reading She believed she could, so she did

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The battle of Hogwarts… I mean uni.

Finally classes started again and my daily rhythm is on its way back to normal again. I know that a lot of you will disagree with me on this but I simply love going to uni and attending classes. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I had to fight a… Continue reading The battle of Hogwarts… I mean uni.

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Beyond being able to help myself

At this moment, while I am writing thi s, my mind is in a state of total destruction. Tears are running feverishly across my warm, red cheeks. It doesn't know how to think straight, it doesn't know what to do and this is all due to the face that I feel left out. I feel… Continue reading Beyond being able to help myself

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I’m Simply one Hell of a~

Has anyone ever heard of the manga series Black Butler? No? That's a pity! Go watch it because it has also got made into an anime! If you do I'm sure you know how to finish the sentence in the title.  he he he. Because After all, I Simply love Black Butler. I've not read… Continue reading I’m Simply one Hell of a~

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Today is quit a rough day over here. I have to study a fair amount of notes and texts for my exams which will start next week. And I am terrified. I know I can do it and everything has been going well in the past days. But last evening everything went downhill again and… Continue reading Pom

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The girl in the mirror

Buff. That is today's one-word prompt and to be honest, this is one of the words in English which sound rather nasty to me. Whenever I hear this word I somehow think of guys pumping up their muscles and let me tell you: I hate guys who have big muscles. Yes, a few muscles are nice… Continue reading The girl in the mirror

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Once upon a time

With the one-word prompt The Daily Post gave us today, I could go on and on about how first impressions matter and about how you should give a person a chance even though you do not like their first impression. I could, but I won't. Even though I do think that you should look further… Continue reading Once upon a time

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‘Sweet dreams are made of this’

''Pursue your dreams!'' is a sentence you must have heard earlier. My opinion is that we should all pursue our dreams, we should pursue the things that make us happy, this can be anything. As long as is it your dream. At this moment, I do not really know what my dream is. I guess… Continue reading ‘Sweet dreams are made of this’

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And then, there was a silence. A deafening silence inside my head. (which are rare) A deafening silence which said everything and nothing. This is how I feel. Temporary. Not important enough. Not important enough to be fought for. Replaced, abandoned, alone. I am temporary. I've been replaced and abandoned by people I love so… Continue reading I am TEMPORARY.