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perfectly imperfect

Hello again! As usual I have been absent for a while now. Because when have I ever written an article on a regular basis? Right, never. I am trying to though! It's just that I am so busy with other things that I sometimes simply do not have the time to do the things I… Continue reading perfectly imperfect


Bubblegum-bum & Thunder thighs

Studying, studying and more studying. It is kind getting on my nerves right now. I developed a back-ache, shoulder-ache and if that was not enough I got ill today. Oh, and it is also blue monday. Unfortunately I have to keep on studying because I am in the middle of my exam period so I… Continue reading Bubblegum-bum & Thunder thighs


Happy new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I hope your year will be filled with love and happiness. Now I have not written anything for two weeks because I wanted to take a break from this. I lost inspiration a bit and writing about some word or just typing some bullsh*t is not worth it. But I'm back… Continue reading Happy new year!


Hey there, Sherlock!

It's Wednesday. That means: Article time! I try to post one every Wednesday. Not just because I want to talk about certain topics regularly, but also just to improve my writing and my English. It's helping quite a bit! Well, a few days ago my favourite singer Kim Jonghyun committed suicide. I still can't really… Continue reading Hey there, Sherlock!


Break Jonghyun’s silence

Hi there! Bit weird time for me to write an article, isn't it? Well, yes it is. But I have a good reason for writing one. Today, or yesterday in Korean time, one of my favourite artists committed suicide. Like I let you know before, I've been fan of the kpop band SHINee since I… Continue reading Break Jonghyun’s silence


Mucho Mucho proud!

Hello there! Little bit of a delayed article here. Sorry! I had too much other things to do last Wednesday to sit down and type. I had a gig with my theatre group. It went so incredibly well that we were all flabbergasted! Nobody forgot his or her lines and no wardrobe malfunctions! It was… Continue reading Mucho Mucho proud!



Just 19 days until Christmas. 2017 is almost over! Have you done some good this year? Have you carried out your 2017 resolutions? Well I haven't! But that's the same for almost everyone each year isn't it? I know that for most people Christmas is a happy time and a lot of people talk about… Continue reading #deardiary

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It is so darn cold! Everything got covered in a layer of frost last night... as did the streets. And who fell and hurt herself, again!? That's right. Me. This lady. Life literally threw me down on the ground. But what do we do when life throws us on the ground, sometimes literally? Right: We… Continue reading Auch!

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Well, hello there! Yes, you there... I just wanted to say: Have a nice day and you're awesome. I just sat here thinking of how many people actually still wish each other a nice day when you walk past them or just simply say ''hi''. Not a lot I can tell you. We are all… Continue reading Chaos…?

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Locked up

Test week is over. That does not mean that my depressive and anxious feelings are. On the contrary, they are even worse than they were before. Yesterday, I caved. My whole world came crumbling down on me and I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs out of anger and depression. My depression… Continue reading Locked up