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WOAH! (we’re going to ibiza)

Woah!(We're going to Ibiza!) But not really! I just thought of that sentence.. Do not really know why. Anyway!... It has been such a long time since I last wrote something for you guys! Hopefully you are all in good health and happy. I most certainly am! Last time I wrote something very sad and… Continue reading WOAH! (we’re going to ibiza)

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I’m Simply one Hell of a~

Has anyone ever heard of the manga series Black Butler? No? That's a pity! Go watch it because it has also got made into an anime! If you do I'm sure you know how to finish the sentence in the title.  he he he. Because After all, I Simply love Black Butler. I've not read… Continue reading I’m Simply one Hell of a~

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Nailpolish, youtube and a model

Nail polish.. looking polished... polishing a car... polishing a floor... polishing. Sounds all very positive, right? The words above are what I thought when I read the one-word prompt the Daily Post posted today. The thing is, though, that I have no clue what to talk about. I could tell you about my favourite nail… Continue reading Nailpolish, youtube and a model

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Once upon a time

With the one-word prompt The Daily Post gave us today, I could go on and on about how first impressions matter and about how you should give a person a chance even though you do not like their first impression. I could, but I won't. Even though I do think that you should look further… Continue reading Once upon a time

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Our blue, little lovebird

''The blue lovebird descended from the sky, landing in the garden of a very welcoming family.'' It was 11 am when my father walked out into our garden. We've got a very nice garden with all kinds of flowers and fruits. There is an apple tree as well as a cherry tree, tomatoes, raspberries and… Continue reading Our blue, little lovebird

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Everybody goes through lights and shadows!

It is an exiting time over here because my sister is taking her finals, I am soon taking my own final exams and then I hope to have gathered enough credits to be able to stay at my university, my dad and stepmom are entering the final two months before they are going to marry… Continue reading Everybody goes through lights and shadows!

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What about that huh? a-MAZE-ing. The Daily post prepares one-word prompts every day for us bloggers of WordPress. Today's word is Maze and I instantly thought: ''that's a-MAZE-ing''. And yes I laughed at my own pun, even though it is a horrible one. I know. You probably all remember that I wrote This post about… Continue reading a-MAZE-ing

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‘Aaaahhh coffee!’

If there is something that gets my engines going in the morning it is one thing: COFFEE. Wait, that is not entirely true. When I oversleep I do not need anything to get me going because time itself will. Life is too short to say no to that cup of coffee. I LOVE coffee. Coffee was… Continue reading ‘Aaaahhh coffee!’

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#30DayBlogChallengeNL #2

Today I decided to do the second question of the #30DayBlogChallengeNL hosted by Hare Maristeit. If you want to read the first one 'my name' and see the rest of the challenge click on this link. The second question/point says: 'My favourite quote'. Well, I had to think very hard on this one since I have a… Continue reading #30DayBlogChallengeNL #2

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Time for a challenge

A few days ago I found out about the Dutch blogger Hare Maristeit. She invented the ''30DayBlogChallengeNL'' and I really liked the idea. Because I like to write in English and not in Dutch as you can read, I decided to just go ahead and translate every day of the challenge into English. The original… Continue reading Time for a challenge