Well hello!

I am the owner of SweetHandlettering. The name already suggests something about my favourite thing to do, namely: Handlettering!
I started handlettering about two years ago in 2015. Me and the boyfriend I had back then were visiting Rotterdam. We stayed in a very cute hotel and went shopping as well as sightseeing. While we were shopping we came across a cute little store named the Flying Tiger. You might know this store, it sells numerous of cute, fun stuff which you do not actually need but which you really. Need. To. Buy. Because you can’t live without that one cute hippo-shaped eraser. So, we went to that store and that is where I bought my first sketchbook. On our way home in the train I couldn’t stop drawing and I have not stopped ever since.

Currently I am a first year English language and Culture student from the Netherlands. I enjoy studying at my university a lot and I feel very lucky that I have the ability and opportunity to do this.
Furthermore, I am 20 years old and I love anything that is bright coloured and British.
My favourite drink is coffee and I do not really know what that adds to this description of me. But! coffee unites people and therefore I thought it would be nice to mention it.

If you have any questions, comments or you want to get to know me even better: Leave a comment, email me or follow me on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
To find out more you can also read This post!

Lots of love,



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