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Meditation monk

Finally! I did it. Getting up at Wednesday and write an article like I told myself to do and this time I have plenty to write about! Some time ago, someone commented something in the line of: You're articles are not as good as they were. That kind of made me think. Yeah maybe they… Continue reading Meditation monk


I’ll be there for yooouuu!

Good day everyone! This morning I woke up happy for a change. I slept well, I slept enough and I did not have any exhausting and confusing dreams. I picked out a pretty dress to wear today and made myself some breakfast and a coffee. Sounds like a pretty good start right? This morning might… Continue reading I’ll be there for yooouuu!

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Most girls…

Hello my friends! Some time, no article. Well I was so busy with writing an essay that I had other things on my mind and just forgot to write an article last Wednesday. Good news: the essay is done and submitted long before the deadline! Something I usually really struggle with. I always submit things… Continue reading Most girls…

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Eat Your Kimchi!

DUN DUN DUN noooo I forgot to write something last Wednesday, again! Waaah sorry! It is Friday and that means: WEEEKEEEEND! Or at least for the people who do not have to work at the weekends. I have to work, but my work is fun. I teach substitute classes to students who need some extra… Continue reading Eat Your Kimchi!

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Oh My G-Dragon

Uwaa I am sorry! I totally forgot to write an article last Wednesday! That is why I am making it up to you today and writing something. I do have a good reason why I did not have time to write something earlier! My schedule was so packed with activities that I barely had time to… Continue reading Oh My G-Dragon


Help is out there, really it is!

A few weeks ago, Betterhelp approached me and asked me if they could do a guest post on my blog. Since I love the work they do and am absolutely pro-spreading mental health awareness I immediately said yes. If this post helps just one person than it has already been worth it. If you ever… Continue reading Help is out there, really it is!

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Namasté fellow earthling!

It's Wednesday and you know what that means: right, I write a little piece for you! I have not been feeling all too well for the past five or six days. My depression has been trying to eat me again and my anxiety kicked back in, causing a huge panic attack the day before yesterday.… Continue reading Namasté fellow earthling!

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Good morning everyone! And if it is not morning over at your house, then good afternoon or evening or night! Currently it is 8:55 AM over here where I am and I just got up. I got dressed and ready to start my day. I even put on some make-up today. Yeah yeah I know… Continue reading New-Schoolyear-resolutions

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The battle of Hogwarts… I mean uni.

Finally classes started again and my daily rhythm is on its way back to normal again. I know that a lot of you will disagree with me on this but I simply love going to uni and attending classes. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I had to fight a… Continue reading The battle of Hogwarts… I mean uni.

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You’re all invited

At the moment I am feeling lonely. Nobody seems to want to hang out with me today and it made me sad. Yeah I know that they all have reasons and that my friends don't just make up reasons to not hang out with me... but still it makes me feel lonely. So here I… Continue reading You’re all invited